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This edition: Special "Microsoft Sucks!" issue...
General Foolishness
It was Bound to Happen...
After this publisher's merciless trashing of MicroSlime products, you guessed it, the system I use at the office rolled over on me this afternoon, kicked its little legs in the air, and died.

It started a few days ago when I installed some software which came with my digital camera, which claimed it needed IE4 in order to function. (It actually doesn't, but you know how Bill is.)

So like a fool I installed IE4, and noticed with great alarm that my system began running more and more sluggishly.

Finally, after waiting for more than a minute for context menus to appear over icons in Explorer (this on a PII/333 with 128 Mb RAM), I decided enough was enough and proceeded to uninstall IE. (Since that was the only system-level change I'd made, it seemed the logical culprit.)

After rebooting the system and waiting fifteen minutes for the blue screen to show its full range of boot-dots, I was left staring at an aquamarine blank for another ten minutes while wating for the login to execute.

It finally happened, but the machine was still running slow, so I decided to reboot it again.

Bad mistake.

Numerous hours and stop errors later, all accompanied by the famous BSOD, the system then began reporting it couldn't find a bootable drive.

Dutifully firing up the installer so I could use rdisk, I was told by NT that it believed the partition had been formatted by an OS that could not coexist with NT.

Upshot is I get to try and recover the volume if I can, complete with about $70,000 worth of client files.

Man, I really hate Microsoft.

So tomorrow's edition may be a bit late, folks. Here's a picture I took for the hell of it. It shows what I spent much of the afternoon staring at.