Well, all right, sadly not — but he would be.

According to Reuters, not only are there storks who’ve set­tled down into same-​​sex rela­tion­ships, but some of them are rais­ing chicks. (Wait for the com­mer­cial to play out to see the video story.)

Presumably at least one of the birds is an adop­tive parent.

Now one of the argu­ments against gay mar­riage put forth by the right-​​wing idiots is that it’s unnat­ural. Well, then, why does it appear to occur … in nature? Is what’s good for the goose (or stork) accept­able to the primate?

Actually there’s only so much ultra right-​​wing stu­pid­ity I can take in any given entry with­out run­ning the risk of my head explod­ing, so I’ll just leave it here and offer assur­ances that there are plenty of other rea­sons fundie hog­wash is wor­thy of lit­tle more than a hearty, deri­sive laugh.

But I do have to won­der how these birds would fare in a zoo in, say, Alabama. My guess is they’d either be forced apart or killed — after all, if lit­tle Billy Joe Bob Ray hap­pens to see a cou­ple of queer birds, he might decide it’s okay to do him­self, right? (“Hey, daddy who’s also my brother, can I try that too?”)

I mean, that’s the whole “recruit­ment” argu­ment in shell of nut, innit?


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