Now here is an inter­est­ing lit­tle story. (Via Seed) It seems infants are able to notice sim­ple arith­metic dif­fer­ences, tested in this case by show­ing the babes pup­pets and then see­ing how long it takes them to real­ize that 1 + 1 != 1. Evidently it’s not just show either; scans of brain activ­ity seem to indi­cate the kids, as young as 6 months, are in fact see­ing the intro­duced arith­men­tic errors.

Infants are appar­ently innately able to under­stand that less is not more, that one and one are not one, and — pos­si­bly — that a total lack of WMD indi­cates no con­nec­tion between the Qaeda, US-​​propped-​​up dictators-​​out-​​of-​​favor and Islamic extremism.

Personally, I’d vote for any one of the tested infants over the cur­rent fuster­cluck of cretins in DC; they are demon­stra­bly more intel­li­gent by two inde­pen­dent measures.


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