CalorieLab posted a graf on Kansas’s deci­sion to emu­late Arkansas — and this time in a good way. Turns out AR has been bat­tling fatassery in its kids by using BMI to more objec­tively mea­sure how plump the lit­tle toad­stools have become. KS might decide to do the same thing.

What I find strik­ing about this is that BMI is science-​​based, not faith-​​based. That Kansas is plan­ning to use real sci­ence in its schools is sure to offend someone.

Where are the defend­ers of ID (Intelligent Dieting)? Where are the pro­po­nents of WWJE (What Would Jesus Eat)? What about the hard­line adher­ents to strict Torah dietary laws?

After all, the Bible is every bit as out­spo­ken about what mod­ern Americans should eat as it is about the facts of evo­lu­tion, full of infor­ma­tion that’s rel­e­vant to the Twinkie– and tofu-​​eating every bit as much as it is to mol­e­c­u­lar biol­o­gists and DNA map­pers. Right? Right?


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