When even the right­ists like Joe Scarborough are begin­ning to ques­tion the men­tal acu­ity of Bush, things are def­i­nitely on a down­ward plunge.

Last week Scarborough had a piece on his news mag ask­ing if Bush is an “idiot”. I more or less already knew the answer to that ques­tion — but it was rather sur­pris­ing to see this kind of cov­er­age com­ing from some­one who is arguably well-​​placed in the con­ser­v­a­tive camp.

He’s fol­lowed up with doubts about Bush in other ways:

[T]he George Bush of 2006 seems to be a far cry from the man I spoke with in 2001, or the back-​​slapping gov­er­nor who charmed the hell out of me when I vis­ited him in the Texas governor’s man­sion in 1999.

These days the President seems dis­tracted, dis­jointed and dumbed-​​down in press con­fer­ences. His jokes fall flat and are often inappropriate.

And like Reagan, George W. Bush seems to be get­ting worse with age instead of better.

And then he takes a left (or is that right?) turn in logic:

When teenage boys mis­be­have, I blame their fathers. When pres­i­dents come up short, I blame their staffs.

So it’s the fault of any­one, every­one, some­one else that Bush is a fuckin’ tard. Blame every­one but the man him­self, who is pre­sum­ably respon­si­ble for his own behavior.

This is remark­ably like how dic­ta­tors behave, in some ways. Take the US’s cur­rent boogey­man,* Saddam Hussein, who brooked no dis­sent from his advis­ers. There’s a story told of him that he once had a senior level offi­cial killed for dis­agree­ing with him:

When a cab­i­net min­is­ter sug­gested that he resign, at least tem­porar­ily, that min­is­ter was shot, some say by Saddam himself.

So dic­ta­tors, rather famously, sur­round them­selves with yes-​​men; sic sem­per Bush as well (and in the case of Condi, a yes–woman too). The prob­lem with that is he’s com­pletely insu­lated from the “real” world and isn’t even pre­sented con­trary view­points. Predecessors, such as Clinton, appointed Republicans as well as Democrats to senior-​​level posi­tions, and lis­tend to their oppo­si­tion state­ments with respect rather than fir­ing or squeez­ing out peo­ple who dared to dis­agree. (Shinseki, any­one?)

But it’s worse than just being dis­con­nected from … well, the uni­verse. The fact is that Bush has been dete­ri­o­rat­ing. Particularly in the last few weeks he’s been inco­her­ent, unpre­dictable and just out­right bizarre at vir­tu­ally every pub­lic func­tion he’s attended. (More so than usual, I should say.)

I think he’s back on the sauce, frankly. And that’s not a good thing. I can’t feel even some schaden­freude over this one — addic­tion is vicious and the per­sonal trap he’s in is hard enough.

But it gets worse when we real­ize that he’s quite capa­ble of sink­ing this nation totally, not the least because he’s a right-​​wing reli­gious fuck­wit who sin­cerely believes his Daddy in the Sky has some kind of escha­to­log­i­cal plan that includes him, George, personally.

With more than two years to go and the only ratio­nal suc­ces­sor being Dick Cheney, ladies and gen­tle­men, we’re fucked.


* Now that OBL has been glossed over, and despite the fact that Bush him­self has admit­ted there was never a link between Iraq and OBL or the Qaeda. OBL is to George what “the real killer” is to OJ, I guess: Mysteriously not worth pursuing.


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