Alabama’s on the fast track back­ward (I’ve been some­what fol­low­ing this account through another blog site, Pam’s House Blend) — seems Patricia Todd, a woman who recently won a pri­mary there for state leg­is­la­ture, won’t be per­mit­ted to pro­ceed because of alleged cam­paign irreg­u­lar­i­ties. Irregularities that actu­ally may not be ille­gal under Alabama law, and that haven’t even been enforced since 1988.

Oh — she’s not just a woman; she’s also a Lesbian.

But here’s where it gets really, really weird. Todd doesn’t think the oucome was chal­lenged because of her gen­der ori­en­ta­tion; she thinks it’s about eth­nic­ity:

Todd said she believes the chal­lenge has noth­ing to do with the fact she is gay, but is about the fact that she is white and won in a major­ity black district.

Of course if I was black I don’t think they would have con­tested the elec­tion,” Todd said. She blamed the con­test on Joe Reed, long­time chair­man of the black Democratic cau­cus, who wrote a let­ter before the elec­tion urg­ing black lead­ers to sup­port [Democratic chal­lenger] Hendricks because of her race and stress­ing the need for keep­ing the seat in black hands.

Can this pos­si­bly get more painful? We’ll see, I suppose.

In other “Fast Track to the Past” news, black school­child­ren in Shreveport, LA were told … brace your­self for this because it’s stun­ning beyond ratio­nal mod­ern com­pre­hen­sion … told to leave their seats at the front of a bus and move to the back to make room for white kids.

I swear I am not mak­ing this up.

News broke on 8/​24 of the inci­dent and it’s blow­ing up fast (surprise!).

Some of the more oner­ous excuses actu­ally come from the arti­cle com­ments, at least one post all but rais­ing the false specter of “reverse dis­crim­i­na­tion”, but there’s offi­cial backpedal­ing aplenty to be seen as well.

The school dis­trict is fran­ti­cally dis­avow­ing respon­si­bil­ity, say­ing that bus seat­ing assign­ments are up to the bus dri­vers. (The article’s sub­head help­fully explains that “stu­dents [are] not allowed to sit in oth­ers’ laps, stand” — though of course that has noth­ing to do with the core issue, which is, at best, mis­hand­ing of a sit­u­a­tion due to out­right pig ignorance.)

At the rate we’re going, the GOP will have us all com­fort­ably back in 1955 by the November elections.

Just remem­ber: We get the gov­ern­ment — and the soci­ety — that we deserve.


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