While I can see the rea­son­ing behind it, I don’t like com­par­ing Bush to a chimp. Chimps are intel­li­gent crea­tures, capa­ble of acquir­ing a Kindergarten level of edu­ca­tion, after all, and seem to care about their fel­low chimps.

But monkeyboy’s got a bad case of the stupids.

In his ridicu­lous inter­view with Brian Williams he made the out­ra­geous claim that US mil­i­tary morale is “high” — and now, as the NY Times reports, he seems to think he’s in a posi­tion to threaten Iran.

There must be con­se­quences for Iran’s defi­ance,” he said, “and we must not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons.” [sic]

He’s try­ing to con­flate Iran with “tur’rism”, try­ing to push — yet again — the same tired rhetoric he’s been sling­ing in re Iraq and even Afghanistan.

With Afghanistan it almost made sense,* but in ’02, when Iraq began com­ing up, I had doubts about the legit­i­macy of his inten­tions. By the time the inva­sion began I was pretty sure we were being lied to.

And now Iran.

Is any­one dumb enough to buy this any more?

Hey, George: We don’t have the troops, and we want our boys and girls to come home before you end up rein­sti­tut­ing the draft to fur­ther your wretched “biggest boy in the school­yard” ambi­tions. So shut the fuck up, already.


* What doesn’t and has never made sense to me is why we didn’t stop with Afghanistan, get a good democ­racy going there, maybe make them our friends. Then we’d have had a pretty good, sta­ble launch­ing point to help sta­bi­lize the rest of the region, should it become nec­es­sary. The list of wasted oppor­tu­ni­ties that is the Bush legacy is nearly as hideous as the vicious hor­ror the admin­is­tra­tion has foisted upon the world.


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