In hap­pier news, CNN has found that Americans are annoyed. Deeply annoyed. We are feel­ing, as Douglas Adams might have put it, a “bright, sear­ing flame of annoyance.”

A major­ity of Americans sur­veyed — and a higher per­cent­age than recorded dur­ing the same time last year — said things in the United States are going “badly.” Among this year’s respon­dents, 29 per­cent said “pretty badly” and 25 per­cent — up from 15 per­cent a month ago — answered “very badly.”

Only one in five was “con­tent” — so I guess we know how many rich, white right-​​wingers there actu­ally are in the US now: About 60 million.

This unrest trans­lates into seri­ous dan­ger for the entrenched non-​​opposition partei party, who may soon find them­selves in a minor­ity in the Senate and House as well.

Meanwhile I have to won­der how the “strong on defense” right­ies are going to jus­tify the way they’ve let both North Korea and Iran — both plau­si­bly much larger threats to national secu­rity than Iraq could ever have been — slip through their iron fists.

Get out and vote, folks. Start, where fea­si­ble, by going in on the Republican pri­mary to tor­pedo their options. Vote for the most insane can­di­date you can, the one least likely to win. Then, on elec­tion day, vote a straight Dem ticket, even if you dis­agree with your local options.

An oppo­si­tion Congress is the only way we’re going to have a hope in hell of sav­ing this nation form the lunacy of Bush and Co. over the next two years.


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