The “big on secu­rity” GOP seems to have devel­oped a case of Reagan’s Syndrome* of late, just plain for­get­ting vastly impor­tant things, and once again my peren­nial ques­tion to right-​​wing war­mon­gers goes unanswered.**

Here’s only a frac­tion of what the NY Times has to say about our favorite for­got­ten first tar­get in the “war on terror”:

Today, [Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan] is the epi­cen­ter of a Taliban resur­gence and an explo­sion in drug cul­ti­va­tion that has claimed the lives of 106 American and NATO sol­diers this year and dou­bled American casu­alty rates coun­try­wide. Across Afghanistan, road­side bomb attacks are up by 30 per­cent; sui­cide bomb­ings have dou­bled. Statistically it is now nearly as dan­ger­ous to serve as an American sol­dier in Afghanistan as it is in Iraq.

The Afghani gov­ern­ment was ask­ing for assis­tance in peace­keep­ing as early as 2002 — before that Texan idiot in Washington decided to wipe daddy’s ass for him.

But Duh-​​bya was so busy get­ting a hardon for Saddam-​​y that their requests were effec­tively denied, leav­ing Afghanistan to sink slowly into a state of chaos and face a grad­u­ally ris­ing pub­lic sup­port for the Taliban.

And now, Mission Unaccomplished is very likely to spi­ral out of control.

Let’s think about morons for a moment, such as the cretin that calls him­self a “decider”. Since 2001 he’s decided to sell Iraq as being the biggest threat the nation faces. So big that he decided to call off the search for Osama bin Laden. So big that, against mount­ing evi­dence and pub­lic out­cry, he’s decided to overex­ert our mil­i­tary to the break­ing point.*** So big that he decided North Korea and Iran could be marginalized.

Let’s think fur­ther about the inde­fen­si­ble claims made by idiots who back Bush. They squawk about “cut and run” — but ignore the way we shafted Afghanistan. (Strictly speak­ing, I guess that was “bomb and run” — but still.) They boast about “secu­rity” but over­look the dan­gers they cre­ated in not one but two nations — one by too lit­tle involve­ment, and one by too much.

Stupidity can­not be allowed to have any voice when deter­min­ing issues of global impor­tance. Ignorance is not a per­son­al­ity trait to wear as a badge of honor; it is a mark of shame.

Yet Rummy and his apol­o­gists seem unable to accept shame. Cheney is hir­ing a pro­pa­gan­dist to write his biog­ra­phy, and Bush is still try­ing to link Iraq with “tur’rism” even though he has pub­licly admit­ted there is no link. Condi has joined the ranks of the shame­less too by com­par­ing the Iraq stu­pid­ity with the American Civil War, which she seems to think was a war about grant­ing slaves their free­dom. (Thanks to Pam’s House Blend for that link.)

This is beyond sick­en­ing, but the good — excel­lent — news is that the more real­ity seeps in, the more obvi­ous it is that the admin is so far removed from the facts they can’t pos­si­bly be liv­ing on the same planet any longer. Better still, they’re polit­i­cal plu­to­nium; I hope they’ll all give their per­sonal endorse­ments to every GOP incum­bent in the ’06 Congress race. Nothing would please me more at this point.

Meanwhile we’re faced with a more press­ing issue. One of the lawyers a fam­ily mem­ber of mine works with, a mem­ber of the Army Reserves, is now in Iraq, mobi­lized recently. He’s 39 years old and has a fam­ily. With the Fed scratch­ing this hard to get blood in the boots to back Bush, we have to won­der: What are we going to do when a real mil­i­tary threat surfaces?

I guess that prob­lem, like the mas­sive debt brought about by the Iraq quag­mire (as well as tax slash­ing for rich white fuck­ers), will be a prob­lem for “future pres­i­dents”, huh, George?


* Come on, you know it’s just a mat­ter of time before those drool­bags rename Alzheimer’s in honor of The Gipper. They’re moniker­fuck­ing every­thing else they can get their hands on.

** Why didn’t we “stay the course” with Afghanistan, sta­bi­lize it, turn it into a pros­per­ous US-​​friendly democ­racy, and then use its allied sta­tus as a pri­mary con­tact point for fur­ther­ing lib­er­al­ism and free­dom through­out the Middle East? Hell, it worked with both Japan and Germany. Now who was it that didn’t learn from his­tory, again?

*** If there is not a 100% turnover in Congress this elec­tion, I pre­dict we will see a return of the draft announced in 2007. It’ll be lim­ited in scope at first, but I’m close to cer­tain it’ll come.


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