There are a cou­ple things that fall pretty neatly into this cat­e­gory. For starters, the mil­i­tary is retool­ing its man­ual on tor­ture inter­ro­ga­tion of pris­on­ers detainees enemy com­bat­ants them thar bad peo­ple what hates our way of life n such. The LA Times reports that there was ini­tial resis­tance to even men­tion­ing the Geneva con­ven­tion in the man­ual, since appar­ently them thar bad peo­ple might use it to, oh I don’t know, insist on min­i­mal human rights, but

[I]n June, the Supreme Court ruled in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld that the pro­vi­sions of the Geneva Convention could be applied to an uncon­ven­tional con­flict, like the war on ter­ror­ism. The court said that Common Article 3 cov­ered all indi­vid­u­als caught up in a con­flict, whether part of a reg­u­lar mil­i­tary force or not.

There they go again, those damned activist judges, screw­ing it up for every­one.* Far too late to pre­vent a pub­lic débâ­cle, of course — but then, Abu Ghraib was just one of many, many wrong steps in this par­tic­u­lar act of this par­tic­u­larly stu­pid admin­is­tra­tion. (Why, oh why, can’t we just “move on”?)

Though I have to say a court case named [any­one at all] vs. Rumsfeld has a damned nice ring to it.

Further along in the cat­e­gory we find the Washington Post telling us that the aptly-​​named Congress is no closer to fig­ur­ing out what to do about the fuster­cluck known as FEMA. They seem to be even fur­ther away from reach­ing a deci­sion than they were, say, six months ago; in fact

Members remain divided over how much to spend; how big to rebuild the dis­as­ter response agency after five years of dis­in­te­gra­tion; and how broadly to change laws cov­er­ing aid to indi­vid­u­als, gov­ern­ments and pri­vate groups, con­gres­sional aides said.

Remember now: This is vir­tu­ally an all-​​Republican leg­is­la­ture. They’re sup­posed to be able to agree on every­thing. I guess there isn’t enough pork to go around in the cur­rent drafts to suit them.

However the news isn’t all bad; Katherine Harris has won the Florida sen­ate pri­mary.

Wait,” you say. “Katherine Harris? The shrew who essen­tially handed Bush Florida? That Katherine Harris?”

Yes,” I reply calmly. “That Katherine Harris. She’s on the Republican Senate race ticket in Florida.”

How the hell can that be good?” you ask.

Simple,” I reply. “She’s fuck­ing insane. She’s proved it with the com­ments she’s made, the poor staffing deci­sions she’s made, and the ques­tion­able legal choices she’s made. She doesn’t stand a fart’s chance in a tor­nado of tak­ing out the Democratic oppo­si­tion. Her vic­tory is the very best thing that could have hap­pened to that Senate race.”

Ahh,” you say, “I see now…”

And that’s why I’d like to see oth­ers do the same thing — vote in the Republican pri­maries, and pick the biggest loon on the ticket. The cra­zier, the bet­ter. Put that lunatic in the posi­tion to run against the Democrat. Empower an oppo­si­tion Congress for the first time in six years. It’s one way to Save the Country™.”

By golly,” you nod, “that might just work.”

Yeah. It might.


* The same activist judges, save one, who uncon­sti­tu­tion­ally installed GWB in 2000.


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