How can that Texan moron claim he’s try­ing to make the US more secure when even the mil­iary isn’t on board?

MSNBC passes along the joy­ous note that the US mil­i­tary had nearly 200 Taliban fight­ers in their sights in July — and did not strike.

Even though U.S. mil­i­tary offi­cials in Afghanistan had pos­i­tively iden­ti­fied those gath­ered as Taliban fight­ers, includ­ing some “high-​​level Taliban lead­ers,” they told NBC News they have “no regrets” in refus­ing to give the order to attack the gathering.

Why? Because, appar­ently, it’s for­bid­den to bomb ceme­ter­ies for fear of offend­ing reli­gious sen­si­bilites (mys­te­ri­ously, call­ing TwoT a “cru­sade” appar­ently doesn’t have that effect) or col­lat­eral damage.

Yeah, I guess killing dead peo­ple would be a no-​​no, huh?

Meanwhile ex-Sec’y of State Colin Powell has come out against Bush’s plan to han­dle the peo­ple he doesn’t per­son­ally like. Bush wants mil­i­tary tri­bunals for accused ter­ror­ists, which are not con­ducted as reg­u­lar court tri­als and can include secret evi­dence. If that doesn’t sound so bad, con­sider that our jus­tice sys­tem is part of our gen­eral con­sti­tu­tional and demo­c­ra­tic gov­ern­ment; are we will­ing to side­step that in the name of these pros­e­cu­tions? How much of the “moral high ground” do we yield before we sink beyond redemption?

Too god­damned bad it took Powell so long to grow a back­bone. He needed that back in 2002.

UPDATE: The bill didn’t pass.


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