I’d’ve thought, in 2006, that pretty much all mul­ti­cel­lu­lar life had been cat­a­logued, par­tic­u­larly life that’s close enough to the human-​​survivable bios­phere to be vis­i­ble from, say, stand­ing height.

Nope. Several dozen new marine species have been dis­cov­ered near Indonesia, includ­ing a shark that walks on its fins. (Of course, there’s no such thing as evo­lu­tion, so this tran­si­tional form from fin to foot should be ignored as the heresy it is.)

Life con­tin­ues to astound.

Unfortunately the US Department of the Interior is plan­ning to drill the site for oil next week.*


* Not really, but if there was oil there, you know they’d be ass­hole enough to do it.


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