In his address to the UN General Assembly today, Il Duce revealed his lat­est excuse for the Iraqi débâcle.

I don’t see any rea­son to cover most of the rhetoric, which is pre­dictable, but as an aside he does make the claim that the new pres­i­dents of Iraq and Afghanistan have given voice to “more than 50 mil­lion people”.

Sure. Less about 200 per day.

Here’s the clincher in his speech.

Some have argued that the demo­c­ra­tic changes we’re see­ing in the Middle East are desta­bi­liz­ing the region. This argu­ment rests on a false assump­tion: that the Middle East was sta­ble to begin with.

Smell that? It’s the aroma of fresh Talking Point.

Here’s the unlie. The ME was unsta­ble, sure — but it’s much more unsta­ble now than it had been, and there were less dis­rup­tive ways we could have made a dif­fer­ence there than mav­er­ick­ing about the coun­try­side, spit­ting on the very orga­ni­za­tion Il Duce addressed today.

This man has no cred­i­bil­ity whatsoever.

Don’t expect that response from the lock­step sheep con­ser­v­a­tive “com­men­ta­tors”, though.


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