Really, that’s all this one is. I’m just inor­di­nately pleased with myself today.

In an attempt to keep myself out of a car­diac or bariatric surgery pro­ce­dure some ten or twenty years down the road (as well as to incen­tivize myself away from nico­tine, a drug that is aston­ish­ingly hard to quit), I started a reg­u­lar fit­ness rou­tine in early June.

One of my goals was to upcon­di­tion back to reg­u­lar bicy­cling for trans­porta­tion, because of the obvi­ous health ben­e­fits mostly, but also so I can feel slightly smugly supe­rior to those who drive around in SUVs. (Well, okay, I feel that any­way — I just wanted a lit­tle jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, how­ever thin, for my attitude.)

Late August I started bike com­mut­ing three times a week, fac­ing a pretty steep neme­sis in the process, a hill with about a 20% grade that takes only about three min­utes to sur­mount, but which makes those three min­utes a more or less lit­eral liv­ing hell.

This morn­ing was the first time it wasn’t flar­ing blind­ing agony get­ting over the damned thing.



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