All Foley all the time is get­ting dull. Here’s a fun one — a Georgia mom who’s try­ing to get Harry Potter books banned from school libraries. (Didn’t we just have a Banned Book Week call­ing atten­tion to the evils of … ban­ning books?)

Laura Mallory, a mother of four, told a hear­ing offi­cer for the Gwinnett County Board of Education on Tuesday that the pop­u­lar fic­tion series is an “evil” attempt to indoc­tri­nate chil­dren in the Wicca religion.

She’s wrong in every sig­nif­i­cant way. Harry Potter books are obvi­ously not evil — they laud the value of sac­ri­fice for oth­ers, the mer­its of friend­ship and the nature of human loy­al­ties; and they cer­tainly aren’t an attempt to spread Wiccanism any­where. Any Wiccan will tell you that the reli­gion has as much to do with Harry Potter as Christianity has to do with Star Wars.

Any conventionally-​​intelligent, ratio­nal per­son with his (or her) head not firmly inserted in his ass will tell you the same thing, Wiccan or not.

And finally, Wicca itself isn’t evil. Silly, per­haps; but evil? Hardly.


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