The gov­ern­ments of Britain and Ireland are report­ing now that the IRA is no longer a threat.

The report indi­cates that a num­ber of key parts of the IRA’s struc­ture have been dis­man­tled or sub­stan­tially reduced. It said the IRA does not want to go back to vio­lence and no longer has the capac­ity to mount a sus­tained campaign.

The IRA was a ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tion — and in order to bring them in line, the British did not per­form ren­di­tion of pris­on­ers; did not trans­port any­one to secret pris­ons; did not turn them­selves into a dictatorship.

Anyone who defends the actions of Il Duce and Cheney should prob­a­bly shut up and pay atten­tion here.


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