Frank Lasee is a blither­ing idiot.

MADISON, Wis. — In the wake of school shoot­ings in Wisconsin, Colorado and Pennsylvania dur­ing the last two weeks, a state leg­is­la­tor says he plans to intro­duce leg­is­la­tion that would allow teach­ers, prin­ci­pals, admin­is­tra­tors and other school per­son­nel to carry con­cealed weapons.

Hey, retard, lis­ten up. Armed teach­ers wouldn’t have saved any­one or helped any­thing in the school shoot­ings. Stop mas­tur­bat­ing to res­cue fan­tasies and pay atten­tion to real tac­ti­cal sit­u­a­tions — the ones where the cops don’t yell “freeze”, the ones where you don’t get to pull a big revolver after a fire­fight and say, “Are you feelin’ lucky, punk?”, the ones where real bul­lets dig real holes in the bod­ies of real bystanders. You know — the real world. The one we actu­ally live in.

He offers the tired dri­vel that Israeli teach­ers are armed — which is a lie; there are guards at the schools, but teach­ers are not allowed firearms on cam­pus — and over­looks, as his type always seems to, the fact that Israel is an insanely dan­ger­ous place to live, at least in part because every ass­hole there is pack­ing heat.

What is it with all these pistol-​​stroking dimwits? Why the hell do they want to see firearms in the hands of every per­son in the fuckin’ coun­try? (Except, pre­sum­ably, blacks, Mexicans and women. Oh wait; I think I just answered my own ques­tion, didn’t I?)


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