Two shows. That’s all you really need to know. Starting at 7 PM on Sci-​​Fi Channel…

Doctor Who — the BBC refit of the clas­sic series. The first sea­son was utterly spank. This season’s been good so far too. The show retains its exu­ber­ance and strange­ness, but has received a mas­sive upgrade in FX qual­ity; for­tu­nately the writ­ing seems to be fairly high-​​standard as well.

Battlestar Galactica, sea­sion pre­mière. The “2.5″ split left cliffhang­ers galore. Now we get to see what hap­pens to two under­manned bat­tlestars when they have to fig­ure out how to deal with a Cylon-​​occupied plan­et­ful of humans who’ve had a year to grow soft and lazy. Like Doctor Who, this is a total refit of an older series, and while the sets and set­tings include some highly ques­tion­able details — such as ter­res­trial food­stuffs and 12-​​hour clocks — the cal­iber of the writ­ing is superb.

As for rentals this week, I’m afraid you’re on your own. I spent the ear­lier part of this week re-​​watching BSG 2.5 to make sure I was up to speed for tonight’s opener. I won’t be as com­mit­ted next week, and should be able to take on a sweetly-​​made American clas­sic based on a Pulitzer Prize win­ning novel from the early 1960s.


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