Actually, this one is true. Herr Ratzi is con­sid­er­ing abol­ish­ing the idea of limbo, which is a sig­nif­i­cant the­o­log­i­cal tenet of Catholic teach­ing. (It is, among other things, the place that unbap­tized souls are said to go, and was the “par­adise” that Jesus allegedly was refer­ring to when he sup­pos­edly told a fel­low vic­tim of the Romans that he’d meet that per­son there.)

[T]here are those who argue that it is not sim­ply a “hypoth­e­sis” that can just be swept aside; that the notion that unbap­tised chil­dren do not go to heaven has been a fun­da­men­tal part of Church teach­ing for hun­dreds of years.

So if limbo, which is so impor­tant to Catholics, is a lie … well, where exactly does this slip­pery slope end? Transubstantiation? Saints? Virgin birth? Resurrection?

Golly, is it pos­si­ble the whole thing is based on a silly, point­less fantasy?


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