Our pro-​​democracy rep­re­hen­si­bles rep­re­sen­ta­tives are at it again. CNN recently aired a video show­ing American sol­diers being stalked in Iraq. It’s creepy and dis­tress­ing, but when you have elected offi­cials actively agi­tat­ing for sup­pres­sion of free­dom of the press, you have to won­der when they’ll real­ize (if they’ll real­ize) that they’re sound­ing more and more like Osama wants them to.

Then there’s this howler:

CNN has now served as the pub­li­cist for an enemy pro­pa­ganda film,” wrote [Rep. Duncan] Hunter and Reps. Brian Bilbray and Darrell Issa.

Apparently these clowns haven’t seen the RNC’s “Vote or Die” Osama agit­prop pro-​​Republican com­mer­cial.


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