Okay. Okay. So now Rummy’s been fired.

Let me just write that again, because it feels so fuck­ing good.

Donald Rumsfeld has been fired.

Ohh, man, this is bet­ter than cyber. Way better.

Okay, back to the con­tin­u­ing good news. Allen is the only Republican doggedly hang­ing on to his job — Virginia is still unde­cided in the Sentate race right now. Thing is that Allen is nearly 7,000 votes behind. VA is all but given over to the Dems, which puts the Sentate at 51–49 Democratic.

It could still turn out to be an upset, sure … but things look okay right now.

So let’s see. Bush is at last fac­ing a lit­tle bit of real­ity (though, frankly, Rummy’s just his judas goat); the one state (this one) which could arguably have been expected to back the reli­gious filth in their anti-​​gay mar­riage drive has turned out to tell them to fuck them­selves; Arizona is now offi­cially a non­smok­ing state; and it’s look­ing a lot like a Democratic congress.

With sub­poena power.

Next step: Impeachment.

PS: Donald Rumsfeld has been fired!


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