No national com­ment just yet, though I have to say I’m happy about the house deci­sion. “Mandate”, indeed.

However, I’m even more sat­is­fied about the loss suf­fered by the right-​​wing fanat­i­cal filth.

As of 7:30 this morn­ing, Proposition 107 is defeated. It only lost out by 30K votes or so, but in Arizona — astound­ingly — there isn’t yet a con­sti­tu­tional ban on same-​​sex mar­riage … or on mar­riage­like ben­e­fits for any unmar­ried couples.

Now I’m not going to fool myself here. What worked was sim­ple. The text of the amend­ment sought to abro­gate civil union and marrriage-​​style ben­e­fits for any unmar­ried cou­ple regard­less of the gen­ders involved.

This affected het­ero­sex­u­als as well (which was pointed out in all the adver­tis­ing against the amend­ment), and it showed the ugly side of the Christian filth that sup­ported it: They were try­ing to leg­is­late a marriage-​​or-​​nothing deal for every­one, try­ing to slam their big­oted “moral­ity” down everyone’s throats.

Let this be a les­son to both the filth and those of us who oppose the filth: Fucking with mar­riage fucks with every­one. That mes­sage can and should travel in both directions.

Overall, though, there weren’t that many sur­prises for me; for the most part things broke as I expected, and some bet­ter than I hoped.

Lamentably, the pro-​​Bush, pro-​​torture, anti-​​Habeas Corpus trai­tor Jon Kyl made it in; but we’ve retained our more-​​or-​​less Democrat gov­er­nor Janet Napolitano, and Proposition 201, the real ban on smok­ing, has passed. 206, the rival ini­tia­tive funded by RJR, is in the crap­per where it belongs.

Ironically we’ve also voted in a boost in cig­a­rette taxes to fund preschool pro­grams — so light ’em up early, kids, your edu­ca­tion depends on it — and in an inter­est­ing par­al­lel devel­op­ment we have both raised the min­i­mum wage and banned teth­er­ing of veal ani­mals. (Now who says Arizonans don’t care about the lit­tle guy?)

I guess this means your ten­der cut­lets are going to end up cost­ing more because of wage hikes to the farm work­ers … and be a bit tougher because the ani­mal was allowed to walk around a lit­tle before it was killed so you could eat it.

On the down side, pretty much every ini­tia­tive aimed at hurt­ing ille­gal immi­grants — and, col­lat­er­ally, legal immi­grants who are still fresh from their mother lands — has passed.

Some of them actu­ally made sense, such as the offi­cial lan­guage mea­sure (con­sider the expense and mas­sive pain in the ass involved in trans­lat­ing all offi­cial doc­u­ments) or the ban on bail for ille­gals (make bail = jump bail, let’s face it) — but other mea­sures, such as lim­it­ing law­suit pay­outs or pre­vent­ing ille­gals from hav­ing access to social ser­vices are things I can’t say I like.

Frivolous law­suits are a prob­lem, to be sure, but more of those are pressed by US cit­i­zens than any other group; and what’s wrong with giv­ing ille­gals social sup­port as long as they’re (more or less) behaving?

On the extremely parochial front, the local school bond passed by a fair mar­gin. I guess there just weren’t enough old, greedy bas­tards going to the polls this time around. Maybe they’re all dead or something.

I know which one you’re really wait­ing for. Alas, there will be no million-​​dollar lot­tery for voters.


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