The spoiled infant wail­ing from the Einsatzgruppen-​​ÜberKristians is going into over­drive mode, as Pam dis­cov­ered to be the case with the Traditional Values Coalition. Their chair­man, Lou Sheldon, is in a foam­ing frenzy about things that are … well, bet­ter to show than tell.

He titles his arti­cle thusly:

Pro-​​Homosexual Democrats To Push Anti-​​Christian ‘Hate Crime’ Legislation

There’s so much wrong with the open­ing salvo that it’s almost too rich to con­tem­plate (for instance, given recent GOP behav­ior, I don’t think Sheldon needs to be dun­ning Dems on sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion issues), but I’m gonna get out my biggest skewer and put it right to ’im anyway.

For starters, let’s leave aside for the moment whether hate­crime leg­is­la­tion is actu­ally nec­es­sary. I’m inclined to think not, pro­vided cur­rent laws are enforced prop­erly, par­tic­u­larly since heinous­ness tends to be a fac­tor in bigotry-​​driven crimes, and bru­tal­ity of the crime is one of the things judges have to con­sider (or at least ought to con­sider) when pass­ing sentence.

But since when did the idea of a hate­crime — par­tic­u­larly the con­cept that crim­i­nals who per­pe­trate them should be pun­ished — become anti-​​Christian?

Sheldon antic­i­pates me and and goes on to explain in the open­ing sentence.

With the Democrats tak­ing con­trol of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives this January, we can expect the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and its pro-​​homosexual sur­ro­gates newly elected to Congress, to begin an aggres­sive push for pas­sage of a “hate crimes” bill designed to pro­vide fed­er­ally pro­tected sta­tus to the behav­ior of homosexuality.

It’s inter­est­ing how he seman­ti­cally asso­ciates the con­cept of human rights with homo­sex­u­als and Democrats, par­tic­u­larly since he’s so will­ing to tar Dems as being anti-​​Christian. What does this sug­gest about Sheldon’s ideas regard­ing human rights?

When did human rights become an anti-​​Christian value?

Further, he sim­ply lies when he sug­gests that hate­crime leg­is­la­tion is try­ing to pro­tect the “behav­ior of homo­sex­u­al­ity” — the idea is to go after those who kill gays.

The leg­is­la­tion isn’t about pro­tect­ing cock­suck­ing; it’s about pun­ish­ing first-​​degree mur­der.

You don’t have to get on board with the idea of hate­crime leg­is­la­tion to see just how slanted Sheldon’s words are.

The ques­tion, I think, is how much he buys into his own rhetoric. Does he really believe in this him­self, or is he sim­ply dem­a­gogu­ing? It’s very hard to tell.

The homo­sex­ual goal is to cre­ate pro­tected minor­ity sta­tus for homo­sex­u­al­ity as though it were equal to such immutable char­ac­ter­is­tics as race.

Actually, this should be a goal for any­one with a sense of com­pas­sion. It’s inter­est­ing how he antic­i­pates the par­al­lels with black strug­gles, by the way — and wasn’t that once called a human rights cam­paign as well?

There may or may not be rea­son to think homo­sex­u­al­ity is behav­ioral as opposed to inhere­ited; sex­ual behav­ior in humans is so ludi­crously com­plex that untan­gling nature and nur­ture here isn’t fea­si­ble given our cur­rent state of technology.

Leaving that aside, though, what dif­fer­ence does it really make if Adam prefers Eve or Steve? (Or, as in my case, both?) Whose busi­ness is it?

Certainly not Sheldon’s, but he doesn’t care.

The side-​​effect of this effort will be to crim­i­nal­ize crit­i­cism of homo­sex­ual con­duct and to vio­late reli­gious free­dom and free­dom of conscience.

He strung these two thoughts together to make them harder to strip down. Let’s rip him a new one — twice.

…crim­i­nal­ize crit­i­cism of homo­sex­ual con­duct” — wrong. Hatecrime leg­is­la­tion isn’t about crim­i­nal­iz­ing crit­i­cism, you reli­gious nitwit. It’s about, as I believe I men­tioned already, deal­ing more harshly with cer­tain types of crime, such as what hap­pened to Matt Shephard, for instance. I guess the men who beat him and left him to die in the Wyoming out­back were just “crit­i­ciz­ing” him, huh, Lou?

…vio­late reli­gious free­dom and free­dom of con­science” — wrong. It’s not part of Christian reli­gious free­dom to kill gays. (Maybe it’s part of Pauline free­dom, though.) And it’s cer­tainly not an expres­sion of free­dom of con­science to kill gays.

He’s also got his knick­ers in a wad over trans­sex­u­als, wor­ried they’ll “be a pro­tected minor­ity” — I sup­pose in Sheldon’s world, it’s bet­ter to have them vul­ner­a­ble and bashable.

With both the Senate and House now under con­trol of Democrats and dozens of pro-​​homosexual law­mak­ers, all Americans must be pre­pared to endure seri­ous threats to their free­dom of speech, their right to make employ­ment deci­sions as busi­ness own­ers, and their reli­gious free­dom in the busi­ness world.

Now, of course, he’s throw­ing a sop to money inter­ests, which isn’t a sur­prise. God and Mammon aren’t sep­a­rate under Sheldon’s rules — or, more accu­rately, if he can use his rhetoric to get the atten­tion of bul­lies with cash, he’s per­fectly will­ing to do so. Whose right to speech, free­dom and expres­sion is really under attack here?

And oh, the rhetoric doth fly thick. Consider this fine pearl.

We tried to warn vot­ers what would hap­pen should lib­er­als gain con­trol of Congress in January. We fear our pre­dic­tions will be correct—and reli­gious free­dom and free speech will die by a thou­sand cuts—beginning in 2007.

Religious free­dom on the outs? How, exactly, is that pos­si­ble? Consider the diverse nature of both the Democratic party and the American mid­dle voter bloc, which is what put the Dems in power. These peo­ple aren’t Sheldon’s fla­vor of insane (only about 30% of Americans are, but even that is prob­a­bly a dan­ger­ous num­ber) — some are athe­ists, some are Jews, some are Muslim; or Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and maybe even Shinto. Some adhere to Bob, oth­ers to the FSM.

How likely is it, do you imag­ine, that this dis­parate pop­u­la­tion is going to reduce reli­gious diver­sity in the US?

And as to free speech — remem­ber that it’s Cheney and Bush who have been threat­en­ing users of that spe­cific right. Wasn’t it Bush who said it was unac­cept­able to think in cer­tain ways? Hasn’t the White House been com­plain­ing bit­terly about the hon­esty of “the media” in report­ing the bad news from Iraq?

Sheldon is try­ing to equate mur­der and assault with free speech; that’s not a right. But he refuses to see that.

With Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader, God help us.

Yeah — there’s noth­ing more hor­ri­fy­ing than the pos­si­bil­ity of a diverse and lib­eral mind­set … unless, of course, one is Christian, since Christians ide­ally thrive under diverse and lib­eral soci­eties. (Such as China isn’t. Or Iran. Or North Korea.)

But then, Sheldon isn’t really a Christian, now is he?

On a slightly dif­fer­ent tack, PZ Myers points to a blog post from cre­ation­ist Ken Ham of the “Creation Museum”, which is ded­i­cated to pro­mul­gat­ing the twad­dle known as … you guessed it, creationism.

On the site, Ham proudly dis­plays his K-​​9 “offi­cer” training.

These are dogs, trained to attack on com­mand, and Ham has this to say of them.

Our K-​​9 offi­cers and their part­ners con­tin­u­ally train and we are glad they are a part of the ministry.

These attack dogs are part of his min­istry.

I’d say that sums up his atti­tude well — and I won­der when he and Sheldon will get in touch, if they haven’t already. Imagine how Pastor Lou would use his free­dom of expres­sion if he had a German shep­herd that could go for the throat on command.


* Yeah, that’s right, Paul; most of the right-​​wing fanat­ics are actu­ally adher­ents to the gospel of Paul, not any of the gospels of Jesus. (And they hate it when you point it out.)


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