Big shocker that I use cli­part — if someone’s already done the work, why take it on myself?

Today I was look­ing for some cute line art of Santa Claus, so key­worded “santa” in the cli­part site I use. At first I was a lit­tle sur­prised to see the occa­sional chili pep­per in there, or adobe house — even a bighorn sheep — until I real­ized “santa” can also be “santa fe”.

But this one just stunned me. I know search engines give unex­pected results, but … well, you just have to see it.

Strange Santa clipart

Look, sure, a drunk Santa, maybe I can see. Tying one on at the North Pole office party, maybe grop­ing an elf in the sup­ply room or whatever.

But a six-​​shooter? What the hell does a pis­tol have to do with Santa, be it Claus or Fe?


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