The Times says “Black Friday” was good for malls. Interspersed in its arti­cle are com­ments such as:

The clock struck mid­night. Then the mall struck back.*


Emily Spendlove, 35, drove 45 min­utes to wait in line out­side the Fashion Place Mall on Thursday night, skip­ping sleep “to be part of the excitement.”

Am I the only one aware of the irony that her name is “Spendlove”?

Mr. Brewster, of General Growth Properties, pre­dicted “it is going to be a very strong sea­son for the mall.”

These accounts of mil­lions of Americans trolling through malls since mid­night, snap­ping up every­t­ing in reach, made me think of another time when I saw sham­bling hulks tot­ter­ing mind­lessly along end­less esca­la­tors and tile floors. Time for another thousand-​​word post.

Day of the Dead movie poster


* This was the open­ing sen­tence and graf for the Times’s arti­cle; it made me think the writer was per­fectly con­g­nizant of Romero’s film.


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