Three weeks after the Republicans got spanked for being pow­er­mon­ger­ing, bel­liger­ent ass­holes, Newt Gingrich came out against free­dom of speech at a party … hon­or­ing those who exer­cised free­dom of speech.

Gingrich, speak­ing at a Manchester awards ban­quet, said a “dif­fer­ent set of rules” may be needed to reduce ter­ror­ists’ abil­ity to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.

No word at this time how the audi­ence felt in gen­eral; per­haps they’re still to stunned to be able to reg­is­ter any opin­ion on the topic at all.

We might remem­ber that Newt was the one who invented the Contract On With America, none of which actu­ally ended up being adhered to by the Republicans after they staged their coup in 1994. Newt obvi­ously has become more greedy and shitty since then, and clearly hasn’t paid much atten­tion to what the vot­ers had to say about his party.

(Actually that’s ened­mic; Karl Rove is also of the opin­ion that the ouster of the warmongering-​​spendthriftery party is merely a tem­po­rary set­back. And he has The Math to prove it.)

Newtie boy appears to think that the inter­net is a major recruit­ing tool for “tur’rists”; he’s prob­a­bly right about that. He also appears to think that the Fed should be granted power, for an unlim­ited period in the future, to shut down web sites that it deems to be sup­port­ive of “tur’rism”.

Constitution? No; we’ll leave that intact. It’s just the amend­ments we’re going after.

This is eerily like the recent detainee act — you know, the one that lets habeas cor­pus be sus­pended for enemy com­bat­ants, said com­bat­ants to be declared as such at Il Duce’s dis­cre­tion, thus leav­ing them pow­er­less to defend against the very charges that have brought them to damnation.

So … the Fed says I have a web site, per­haps, that gives “aid and com­fort” to “the enemy” by point­ing out the indis­putable truth that Bush is a fuck­tard. They move in and shut it down … and there’s no way for me to appeal or dis­pute the find­ing, because my pri­mary mode of expres­sion* has been abrogated.

This seems sen­si­ble to Newt, I sup­pose; but those of us endowed with some­thing other than fiber­glass in our skulls know bet­ter. Nearly a month after being pub­licly exposed, nei­ther the emperor nor his ret­inue have both­ered to don a stitch.


* Free speech.


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