Perusing a recent Swift on James Randi’s site, I came across a prod­uct that is gen­uinely worth mentioning.

DVD Rewinder

DVD Rewinder

The DVD Rewinder is a great gift for the tech­ni­cal savvy, the couch potato, teens with too much time on their hands, and the gad­get buff!

This leads me to ask: When, o when, will some bril­liant inven­tor cre­ate an MP3 rewinder?

(At the bot­tom of the product’s page there’s a blurb telling me that “Customers who bought this prod­uct also pur­chased a Hitachi C10FM 10″ Miter Saw; and a Stiletto 14-​​oz Titanium Hammer”, which leads me to ask another ques­tion: Are we sure we want to put ham­mers and power saws in the hands of peo­ple who bought a DVD rewinder?)


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