US Government Declares War on Christmas

No, really. During the hol­i­day travel sea­son, WaPo reports that the Fed is plas­ter­ing air­ports with posters of wanted/​suspected ter­ror­ists in the hopes that you aren’t already scared shit­less enough.

Get those visions of danc­ing sug­arplums out of your head and focus on the “Faces of Global Terrorism” posters. Each poster shows mug shots of “26 known ter­ror­ists with reward offers of up to $25 mil­lion” for some of them.

If they’d done this in October, I bet the Repubs would have kept both houses.

Now They’ll Have Three More Days Per Week to do Nothing

…Or maybe just cor­rupt America into a terrorist-​​coddling, gay-​​loving, baby-​​killing, stem-​​cell-​​research-​​doing night­mare of lib­eral hell. Well, more than before.

Congress’s new work­week, start­ing January 4th, will allegedly be all of five days long. Just lis­ten to this whiny pisspot’s response…

Keeping us up here eats away at fam­i­lies,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-​​Ga.), who typ­i­cally flies home on Thursdays and returns to Washington on Tuesdays. “Marriages suf­fer. The Democrats could care less about fam­i­lies — that’s what this says.”

Right. The Dems’ expect­ing you to work for your pay­check, like, oh, I dont know, all the rest of the god­damned world, is equal to the destruc­tion of the American fam­ily. What a fucktard.

[Representative Steny] Hoyer and other Democratic lead­ers say they are try­ing to repair the image of Congress, which was so ane­mic this year it could not meet a basic duty: to approve spend­ing bills that fund gov­ern­ment. By the time the gavel comes down on the 109th Congress on Friday, mem­bers will have worked a total of 103 days. That’s seven days fewer than the infa­mous “Do-​​Nothing Congress” of 1948.

…But still, it’s 93 days more than Bush worked. I sup­pose we should count our­selves for­tu­nate for that much, at least.

Isn’t Re-​​Assembling them Cheating?

Back in March of 2001, the Taliban in Afghanistan blew up two ancient Buddha stat­ues, to the gen­eral hor­ror and con­ster­na­tion of the world; now there’s seri­ous talk being made about rebuild­ing them.

Five years after the Taliban were ousted from power, Bamiyan’s Buddhist relics are once again the focus of debate: Is it pos­si­ble to restore the great Buddhas? And, if so, can the extra­or­di­nary invest­ment that would be required be jus­ti­fied in a coun­try crip­pled by poverty and a con­tin­ued Taliban insur­gency in the south and that is, after all, over­whelm­ingly Muslim?

In case you’re won­der­ing, odds are pretty good that most Buddhists wouldn’t want the stat­ues rebuilt. It’s essen­tially against the religion/​philosophy to cling or become attached to things … such as hundred-​​foot-​​tall stone icons.

Stone Buddha in Afghanistan

It would have been bet­ter had they not been blown up; it would have been bet­ter still, really, to not have made them in the first place.


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