Okay, so, well, I’m near­ish to Orlando, FL right now, kick­ing out a quick mis­sive from a virus-​​encumbered library com­puter run­ning (gag) Win98. Pity me.

Life in the Land of Jeb is not that dif­fer­ent from NW AZ; there are a lot of retired folks here skew­ing the demo­graphic red. What’s odd about it is that there seems to be a fairly strong cos­mopoli­tan pop­u­la­tion; for instance there’s some kind of European Marketplace nearby which is owned and oper­ated by an Austrian, and look­ing around here at the library I see a fairly wide range of ages and ethnicities.

So I have to won­der what it is, pre­cisely, about the right-​​wingers that keeps all the rest of us so appar­ently afraid of them. They aren’t in the major­ity, not by a long way; yet they some­how man­age to dom­i­nate pol­i­tics and discussion.

Maybe it all really does come down to orga­ni­za­tion. Maybe if we (lib­er­als) could coa­lesce around one idea (or maybe if we could even just agree that we’re all lib­er­als, dammit), we’d stand a chance of get­ting rid of the Jackbooted Minority.

Ah well.

Locally: Discovery launched, which was extremely impor­tant news here, and it looks like the tiles made the trip as well. Seems the immi­grants from Home Depot know a few things about grout after all.

I believe soon­ish I’ll be feed­ing the anthro­po­mor­phic rat at EPCOT, though I’ll prob­a­bly give the amuse­ment side of the park a miss. It’s a lit­tle creepy to think about a sin­gle guy my age wan­der­ing around a venue filled with more-​​or-​​less unescorted chil­dren. Mark Foley I ain’t.

I’ll also be drop­ping in on a fairly sig­nif­i­cant nerd mecca, CoolStuffInc, whereat I’ve ordered absolute piles of stuff for MTG. Maybe there’ll be a really really good in-​​store one-​​day-​​only sale on Beta Black Lotuses or something.

(Yikes, I really am a geek, huh?)


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