The news is that the Tripoli Six have been sen­tenced — a sec­ond time — to be killed for crimes they could not pos­si­bly have com­mit­ted. PZ had this to say, in part:

No med­i­cine, no vac­ci­na­tions, no surgeons—leeches and lancets and the usual con­trivances of the pre-​​eighteenth cen­tury world should be all they get. That is my curse on Libya. The sad thing is that many of these deluded fools would con­sider it a blessing.

Let’s make this totally clear. Just as fun­da­men­tal­ist Christianity is sup­ported and believed in only by fuck­ing morons, fun­da­men­tal­ist Islam is a reli­gion of inbred shitbrains.

Those who trum­pet the teach­ing of cre­ation­ism over the fact of evo­lu­tion, those who favor the incul­ca­tion of the Decalogue into chil­dren, those who seek to abro­gate the right to ter­mi­nate a preg­nancy or the right to marry whom any of us will — you are try­ing to turn the US into Lybia.

We are tired of suf­fer­ing for your stu­pid­ity. We are tired of bleed­ing for your wars. We are tired of you, of all of you. May Islam and Christianity both fuck the hell off and leave us all in peace.


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