Good News for Laura

Apparently the First Lady had a malig­nant tumor removed from her shin last month, prior to the November elec­tions. Seems it was skin can­cer — and appar­ently they caught it in time.

I’m pleased that the oper­a­tion went well; cancer’s nasty.

In other news, Dick Cheney appears to have recently resur­faced from hid­ing in his “undis­closed loca­tion”. Surely this is merely a coincidence.

Dick the Puppeteer

(You almost can’t see the wires, huh?)

Brownback Dismountin’

Jolly old Sam Brownback, who for some per­verse rea­son believes he has a shot at pres­i­dency in ’08, has decided he won’t block the nom­i­na­tion of Janet Neff to the US Fed District Court.

Brownstain was over the top on this one — he was block­ing Neff because she had attended (as a guest) a Lesbian wed­ding cer­e­mony, lead­ing Brownstreak to believe she wouldn’t be capa­ble of impar­tial­ity when decid­ing cases that involve same-​​gender couples.

Ah, but it gets even more loopy.

Mr. Brownback, who has been crit­i­cized for block­ing the nom­i­na­tion, said he would also no longer press a pro­posed solu­tion he offered on Dec. 8 that gar­nered even more crit­i­cism: that he would remove his block if Judge Neff agreed to recuse her­self from all cases involv­ing same-​​sex unions.

Brownblob is try­ing to gather grist, it seems. He clearly has it in mind to “expose” var­i­ous sen­a­tors as “sup­port­ing” what he views as per­ver­sion by plan­ning a bizarre request:

Mr. Brownback said that when Judge Neff was renom­i­nated in January, he would insist only that the nom­i­na­tion not be approved in a voice vote, but one in which each sen­a­tor is obliged to record a per­sonal vote.

Obviously Brownheap wants to be able to point to sen­a­tors’ names and how they voted — because sup­port­ing a woman who attended a Lesbian friend’s wed­ding cer­e­mony is obvi­ously proof of “moral cor­rup­tion”. And if anyone’s an author­ity on “moral cor­rup­tion”, it would surely be a Republican.

Sammy, you’re not in Kansas any more. Keep your big­otry where it belongs — in church.


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