What a fine Christmas present for America.

As of December 25, 2006, the num­ber of US troops killed in Iraq has passed the num­ber of per­sons killed in the attacks of 11 September 2001.

And so this is Christmas
and what have you done?
Another year over
and a new one just begun.

What’s been accom­plished since the Textard declared his war on ter­ror? Let’s see. Apart from the fact that 3000 fam­i­lies are now with­out sons and daugh­ters, we have a mas­sive rise in heroin export from Afghanistan — which has become every bit as unruly and dan­ger­ous as Baghdad under US “democracy”.

According to a Drug Enforcement Administration report obtained by The Times, Afghanistan’s poppy fields have become the fastest-​​growing source of heroin in the United States. Its share of the U.S. mar­ket dou­bled from 7% in 2001, the year U.S. forces over­threw the Taliban, to 14% in 2004, the lat­est year stud­ied. Another DEA report, released in October, said the 14% actu­ally could be sig­nif­i­cantly higher.

Women are sub­jected to vio­lence there daily even as the bomb­ings and street-​​killings in Iraq con­tinue wholly unabated.

The police have been to see my hus­band sev­eral times and they made him sign a writ­ten under­tak­ing not to beat me any­more,” said the young Kabul mother with the bro­ken arm.


Increasing num­bers of Afghan women are resort­ing to des­per­ate mea­sure to try to escape sit­u­a­tions like these.

Shaimi Amini an assis­tant doc­tor at Herat hos­pi­tal in west­ern Afghanistan, said she was see­ing more and more cases recently of women set­ting fire to them­selves.

But hey, it’s gonna be okay, since Saddam is due to swing in 30 days.

Raed Juhi, a spokesman for the High Tribunal court that con­victed Saddam, said the judi­cial sys­tem would ensure that Saddam is exe­cuted even if Talabani and the two vice pres­i­dents do not rat­ify the decision.

We’ll imple­ment the ver­dict by the power of the law,” Juhi said. He did not elaborate.

That’ll surely bring peace and tran­quil­ity to the region, huh? After all, if there’s one thing that is cer­tain to stop killing, it’s more killing. Violence is such a suc­cess­ful anti­dote to violence.

One won­ders what the US reac­tion would be if a Saudi court were to try and con­vict Bush in absen­tia for crimes against Islam. Under fiqh law, he’s almost cer­tainly guilty of at leat one death­wor­thy offense. How would the Fair and Balanced US media react to such a deci­sion? Would they hold rea­soned dis­cus­sions, ratio­nal debates, pan­els that included Christian, Muslim and other scholars?

Is this Pax Americana?

We are not only los­ing the “war on ter­ror”; we’re actively encour­ag­ing it. As well as the “war on drugs”.* And appar­ently a war against women.

A very merry Christmas
and a happy New Year.
Let’s hope it’s a good one
with­out any fear.

The mis­sion hasn’t yet been accom­plished, and the war won’t be over until that idiot in the White House swal­lows his worth­less cow­boy pride and begs the UN for help.

Thanks, George, and Dick and Rummy too. Thanks, and may I be utterly wrong about there being a hell; may you all roast there for eter­nity, sodom­ized for all time by the flam­ing red-​​hot cock of Satan himself.


* Remember how impor­tant that used to be to the right-​​wing cretins?


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