What, really, mine?

Fuckin’ rip.

Whatver I want to say?

Oh holy love of my own mas­sive dick.

Okay. Okay. Here is My Very First Post Thing Ever.

So I’m like look­ing up in my bed at the big fat fuckin’ other world that orbits my shitty lit­tle Barque, and Ma says, hey, Medi, you gotta get up n write shit, Tokoshi-​​san expects it.

Dammit, well, okay, whatthe­fuck­ever, I’m up, Ma.

So I’m like crestin the peaks, yeah? And they are like so rip. I mean, you gotta see ’em, dan­jis, they are so loomiles­cent pretty. Not like your best girl’s twat lovely; blue and deep and swelling.

Well, okay, except for the blue part. Think pink and wet salty and pretty and tasty, but blue, and you got it.

So we lifted foil, see, and ripped out past the Barques, way out past the Urbis ring, well into the Fisherfolk waters — you don’t know what that means, I guess; it’s like we’re into the part of Castor that you can’t ever see from orbit, like the shit you see in the logs, show­ing you all those pretty scenes of sea and clouds — and you know that one? The one that shows you falling into the disc of the world fast, and then you’re on it flat, and just on the edge is the black of space and stars, and right under it is this glow­ing cobalt egg that is like all totally rimed with clouds and glis­ten from the waves? And then it’s like you jump just deam­less from a deep­star to a skiff and shit, and you’re in blue stuff with water con­dens­ing on the ports, and you see the spires and the masts and the diri­gi­bles, and it’s like the whole fuckin’ world is coast and Barques float­ing on the edges like a big cake made of lace?

Well, that’s where I live.

All lace, no frost­ing.

I know you’re gonna make plan­et­fall soon, and a lot of you are pro­lly wrin­klies, well, okay, so that’s fine — I mean, we slap skin with any­one, but hey, you got the okane, we’ll be happy to be tipped — okay, so let me tell you about the Fisherfolk.

Okay, so no one under­stands the Fisherfolk.

They’re like the gods or some­thing here, but they’re not, cause we don’t have — sorry, I guess this is bad to talk about if you’re from Aidenn or Rashomon or Allahu’akhbar, but you Gemmish and Delphans know what I mean — any­way, well, the closer you get to the ocean, the far­ther you get from the Urbis when you land, the far­ther out on the piers you walk, the more you … you know, at the wharfs.

You gotta know. The Fisherfolk you find there, they aren’t really Fisherfolk. They’re haf­fok, part them and part us, see? But what they do with their — like their gills, and their mouths, and their flip­pery hands —

Well, you might decide to never leave.

I mean shit, you really under­stand why fish spill milt asea. It. Is like. That good, only BETTER.

So any­way. Sem Tokoshi has more to say on it all. Meanwhile I gotta slish. Ma’s wait­ing for din­ner, and I gotta get some stun­fish before dar­k­noon sets in —

Oh, didn’t I say about that? Well, Castor has this twin world, Pollux, which is exactly Castor’s size, and the worlds share like this twiny twisty orbit around their suns, Sapphire, which is this big fat blue fucker, and Topaz, which is this lit­tler yel­low thing, and they entwine in the air and dance, sort of like how the sea does when me and my best lep Fan hang under the docks and dart.

Yeah, and well, you know, what leps like me and him do.

No, he’s not my kareshi or any­thing. He’s like … I mean … well, we’re not kareshis, geddit?

So any­way, dar­k­noon is when Pollux cov­ers the eyes of Sapphire and Topaz for a lit­tle, and we’re in night, only like for an hour, yeah? Like in the mid­dle of noon, it’s dark. I know you never seen that, no mat­ter what world you’re from. Yeah, well, a lot can hap­pen in an hour if you got the okane and the spunk.


I don’t talk to Pollux. God lives there, and I will not fuck with god.

So any­way I’ll be shoal­ing stun­fish. Sometime, drop by and we’ll do what­ever, yeah?

So any­way, wel­come to Castor. Hope it doesn’t suck unless you’re at the wharfs.

My name? Just ask for Cock, and I’ll spring up. You can find me any­where on Castor.


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