IRAQ — Disorder was the rule of the day as, over the week­end, more than 650,000 per­sons killed since the Iraq war began sud­denly returned to life. They imme­di­ately began try­ing to rebuild their war-​​torn neigh­bor­hoods, oust­ing the var­i­ous Islamo-​​terroist cells that have sprung up in the vac­uum of lead­er­ship imposed on that nation by the US in 2003.

In the US, fur­ther dis­or­der came in the form of 3,000 killed US sol­diers sud­denly appear­ing in the midst of their friends’ and fam­i­lies’ homes to help them all cel­e­brate the new year. Added to that were the nearly 3,000 killed in the ter­ror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Meanwhile Osama Bin Laden, the nom­i­nal leader of al-​​Qaeda, turned him­self in to Pakistani author­i­ties, at the same time issu­ing the decree that Islamic ter­ror­ism the world over was to come to an imme­di­ate end, say­ing, “Now that Saddam Hussein is dead, it is clear the US is the vic­to­ri­ous nation and the one right with God.”

President Bush only had words of hum­ble grat­i­tude to speak. “These mir­a­cles are show­ing all of us how great the power of The Lord is. I am but His hum­ble ser­vant, like unto the slow-​​of-​​speech Moses. To God alone is the great­ness attributed.

Be at peace, world, for the tyrant is finished.”


Today, of course, we’re beset by the spec­ta­cle of dozens slob­ber­ing erro­neously over the corpse of Gerald Ford. Much is being made, for instance, of the fact that he pussed out on Nixon — folks, the par­don wasn’t a good thing. Nixon was a fuck­ing felon and deserved to go to prison. Pardons are for peo­ple wrong­fully con­victed, not lying lit­tle toads who over­reached their bounds.

I think there’s a lit­tle padding being put in place here — the right­ies are try­ing to shore up sup­port for Bush being par­doned in the next cou­ple years, once his slimy ass gets the impeach­ment it deserves.

Meanwhile, even while min­is­ters and heads of state were com­pos­ing vapid hom­i­lies to honor a pres­i­dent who was made remark­able by cir­cum­stance rather than lead­er­ship, Saddam wasn’t sim­ply being killed; he was abused in his final moments.

As Saddam Hussein is led towards the trap­door, one of the unseen observers shouts “go to hell”.

In response Saddam Hussein is sar­cas­tic, ask­ing “do you con­sider this bravery?”

The worst part is that the killing didn’t do a damned bit of good. Just hours after the for­mer Iraqi pres­i­dent was killed, video footage of his hang­ing was cir­cu­lat­ing online. Iraqi reac­tion is not positive.

Walking round in Baghdad this evening, as peo­ple hur­ried home in the black-​​out to cel­e­brate their New Year’s Eve in the secu­rity of their own homes, it seemed that every­one knew all about the new video.

The peo­ple I spoke to, who seemed to be Sunni Muslims, were shocked by it.

They also appeared to be dis­tinctly ner­vous that the video would sharpen the already seri­ous sec­tar­ian divide here.

Under Saddam Hussein, pris­on­ers were reg­u­larly taunted and mis­treated in their last hours. For many of them, death must have come as a relief.

But the most dis­turb­ing thing about the new video of Saddam’s exe­cu­tion for crimes pre­cisely like this, is that it is all much too rem­i­nis­cent of what used to hap­pen here.

It is going to be increas­ingly dif­fi­cult for the gov­ern­ment of Nouri Maliki to con­vince Sunni Arabs here that Saddam’s exe­cu­tion was not merely an act of retaliation.

Hooray for our side, hooray for the side of “jus­tice” and “freedom”.

I find most telling about this entire detestable episode the sin­gu­lar fact that the Textard Il Duce is not crow­ing loud and long over this — nor are any of his pathetic cronies. From vale to peak, nary a snivel of delight from a Wormtongue. Why, you’d almost think they were ashamed of them­selves … until you remem­ber that shame is a human emo­tion. Thus they are obvi­ously remain­ing silent for another reason.*

Silence, often, speaks far more loudly than demaogoguery.


* It’s almost as though they’re antic­i­pat­ing some­thing hap­pen­ing in the next cou­ple years. Hmm, what major event may be tak­ing place in, say, 2008?


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