Via Pam. The Family Foundation of Virginia — you know what they stand for, since the word “fam­ily” is in their name, which is a euphemism for “exclu­sion­is­tic, hate­mon­ger­ing right-​​wing fantat­ics” — are seek­ing to put an end to no-​​fault divorce, mak­ing it much, much harder for mar­riages to be ter­mi­nated by either party.

What the FFV don’t under­stand* is that no-​​fault divorce was set up as an answer to the dis­ad­van­tage that women often faced in seek­ing divorces where the man con­tested them. Divorce “for grounds” must estab­lish abuse, infi­delilty or fail­ure to con­sum­mate — all of which are dif­fi­cult, at best, to prove, and often expen­sive besides. (And, really, do we want to wait until the wife shows up with a bro­ken arm to grant the divorce? Do we, really?)

No-​​fault divorce, on the other hand, is another mech­a­nism by which either party — or both par­ties — can sim­ply con­cede fail­ure. This sim­ply is not work­ing, and it’s bet­ter to split up than be trapped for life in a love­less, pas­sion­less, point­less mar­riage. That no one has to go to lengths to attempt to humil­i­ate or defame any­one only makes the process less acri­mo­nious, at least on aver­age. That can hardly be a bad thing — and it would cer­tainly be less trau­matic for the kids, if there are any involved.

You’d think a group that was osten­si­bly con­cerned about the fam­ily would see the wis­dom in this. Which is why, of course, it’s not sur­pris­ing that the FFV is against it.

But I’m for this. It exposes the hypocrisy of homo­phobes every­where who want to “pro­tect” mar­riage, but who aren’t really out to secure mar­rige; they just want to restrict the free­doms of those of whom they dis­ap­prove per­son­ally. A cou­ple years back I designed a shirt that basi­cally says it all. You’d be amazed how many right-​​wing idiots agree with it until they read the actual message.

Hey, if they really want to pro­tect mar­riage … then they need to make divorce ille­gal. All divorce, in all cases, for any rea­son whatsoever.

Let’s see that “pro­tec­tion of mar­riage” amend­ment pass.

FFV is begin­ning to show its true nature. They were never about “pro­tect­ing” the “sanc­tity” of mar­riage from gays or les­bians; they were about ram­ming their psy­chotic reli­gious shit­head­ery down the throats of their fel­low men and women. They don’t give a damn about any­one but them­selves, and they are a worth­less stain upon our species. The best thing Virginia can do is round these sacks of crap up and launch them all right into the sun.


* Or maybe they do.


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