Arright, dan­jis, so here’s the slap.

Look, I ged­dit that you surf n slosh lookin for Cock and cock and other teeny young salty stiff what­ev­ers from which to have a taste. Who among us doesn’t like a swell of warm frothy what­ever? I don’t care; wrin­klies all cost about the same and pay about the same, and more or less taste about the same. Dry and dusty and can you say shriv­eled withers?

But what you don’t get here is that my danji Warren doesn’t want to ’dulge your kinks. So we get shit like “egg chooses sperm” — a link to this and some­thing no one here can really suss — or “cit­i­zen kane snow globe”, a ref­er­ence to this one. (I guess there’s a Citizen Kane snow globe avail­able for sale some­where, or that “snow” and “globe” have been mistyped as “blow” and “job”.)

I guess he shoulda seen this com­ing with the links he got from drunken santa, but some days he’s kind of a lep.

ANYway he goes on and men­tions Ben 10 and hen­tai or Naked Brothers Band and alla sud­den you’re on him like a sluffer after spunk, which is not what they do here, even if this isn’t Terranova or whatthe­fuck­ever. I mean, I know I’m off it because crys­tals are late comin to Castor n all, but isn’t there some­thing else you might be con­cerned about?

Shit, is this all you ass­holes got time to surf for? Cause if so, you are way, way brokedick, n I hope your planet self-​​novas before mine falls into Sapphire.


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