Australia should prob­a­bly try to get its excre­ment com­piled. First it plays host to a bat­shit insane Muslim cleric who’s in favor of killing chil­dren; now Qantas appears to be in dire ter­ror of a shirt.

Qantas said the T-​​shirt had poten­tial to offend other passengers.

The T-​​shift fea­tures an image of President George W Bush, along with the slo­gan “World’s Number One Terrorist”.

Agree with the sen­ti­ment or don’t — this is one of those shirts that I think I’d find ini­tially amus­ing, but tire­some after a while — but regard­less of how you feel about the man, his moti­va­tions or the right to free speech, this com­ment from Qantas is sim­ply bizarre.

A Qantas spokesman defended the airline’s deci­sion, say­ing: “Whether made ver­bally or on a T-​​shirt, com­ments with the poten­tial to offend other cus­tomers or threaten the secu­rity of a Qantas group air­craft will not be tolerated”.

That’s right: A shirt is a threat to air­line secu­rity, but an insane reli­gious leader advis­ing sui­cide in chil­dren is some­how per­fectly acceptable.


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