Seriously, I mean it — what the hell is wrong with the entire damned city?

You shut down your express­ways and sub­ways because of elec­tronic LED signs that have been in place for weeks — and then arrest and charge the two employ­ees of Cartoon Network who put them there?

Here’s a par­tic­u­larly use­ful com­ment from a Bostonian official.

It is out­ra­geous, in a post 9/​11 world, that a com­pany would use this type of mar­ket­ing scheme,” Mayor Thomas Menino said. “I am pre­pared to take any and all legal action against Turner Broadcasting and its affil­i­ates for any and all expenses incurred.”

Here’s what he’s respond­ing to, in our “post 9/​11 world”. The image is of the Mooninite Err from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. There’s a movie due out soon (yay!) and the signs are adver­tis­ing gim­micks for it.


Sure as hell looks like a bomb to me, Bucky! Better call the cops just to be sure!

But wait … there’s more. These lit­tle gad­gets aren’t new in any sense of the term; in fact, they’ve been in place for weeks.

As soon as Turner real­ized the Boston prob­lem around 5 p.m., it said, law enforce­ment offi­cials were told of their loca­tions in 10 cities where it said the devices had been placed for two to three weeks: Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Austin, Texas, San Francisco and Philadelphia. […]

In Seattle and sev­eral sub­urbs, the removal of the signs was low-​​key. “We haven’t had any calls to 911 regard­ing this,” Seattle police spokesman Sean Whitcomb said Wednesday.

Looks to me like Bostonians have twice the face-​​egg as the cit­i­zens of these more relaxed com­mu­ni­ties. In fact, it looks to me like the two men who’ve been nicked and arraigned for this have grounds to file one hell of a wrong­ful arrest suit against the Bostonian PD, given that the entire rest of the uni­verse is appar­ently capa­ble of rec­og­niz­ing a joke when they see it.

Of course, given the way Orson Welles was pil­lo­ried for his Halloween night radio show ver­sion of War of the Worlds, I guess it shouldn’t be too sur­pris­ing that (1) peo­ple are insanely stu­pid and likely to panic over absolutely noth­ing at all; and (2) stu­pid peo­ple, rather than take a les­son for being so damned use­less, tend to blame the peo­ple who they think scared them.

Listen, Boston (and that includes your mayor): You are the idiots who over­re­acted to this. Suck it up. Deal with it. And learn from it.

And as for the rest of us: LED signs aren’t bombs. And they’re not to be con­cerned about. Let’s spend a lit­tle more time and effort focus­ing on the really scary shit out there, like our largely-​​unprotected freight har­bors and rail­way sys­tem; and the retard in Washington that seems to be hell-​​bent on attack­ing Iran.

UPDATE: This page has an arti­cle with many reader com­ments on it; this is the best of the lot, I think.

Our grand­par­ents marched into hail­storms of gun­fire on a mis­sion to save the world. We run away scream­ing from car­toon char­ac­ters. — Grombar


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