For years, the Bush admin­is­tra­tion harangued any­one who dared to speak out against the cru­sade war in Iraq, sug­gest­ing that those who did were — implic­itly or explic­itly — trai­tors to the United States, to the “War on Terror” or the US mil­i­tary. Dissention of any kind was branded as fail­ure to “sup­port the troops” and the worst of the right-​​wing psy­chopaths even sug­gested that those who ques­tioned Bush, Rummy and Dick were worse than the Qaeda.

What, then, are we to make of these two developments?

1. Halliburton HQ relo­cates to Dubai

Dubai is the nation Michael Jackson fled went on sab­bat­i­cal to after his most recent round of being accused of … lov­ing boys a lit­tle too much. What attracted Jacko is very plau­si­bly what Halliburton likes as well. There is no extra­di­tion treaty that I know of with Dubai; there is no cor­po­rate reg­u­la­tion to speak of; and there’s no real account­abil­ity that can be claimed to be in place.

This is the same Halliburton that fed our sol­diers rot­ten food, you know.

Why would any­one imag­ine the move to Dubai is any­thing but another advance in the insep­a­ra­ble cor­rup­tion of US mil­i­tary pol­icy that inter­dig­i­tates Halliburton with Veep Dick Cheney, who has ancient and intri­cate ties with that corporation?

2. General Peter Pace den­i­grates US troops

Pace is a Marine and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He said, in a press con­fer­ence a few days ago,

I believe that homo­sex­ual acts between indi­vid­u­als are immoral and that we should not con­done immoral acts. I do not believe that the armed forces of the United States are well served by say­ing through our poli­cies that it’s OK to be immoral in any way.

He likened same-​​sex inter­course to adul­tery and used his com­ments in the larger con­text of defend­ing the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” pol­icy — which has been used, it should be men­tioned, to dis­miss some 55 Arabic-​​fluent mil­i­tary trans­la­tors since the Iraq débâ­cle began.

Pace’s com­ments are direct blows to the morale of 16,000 or so US sol­diers (assum­ing national aver­ages hold true for mil­i­tary pop­u­la­tions as well), and I dare­say have done more to dam­age gen­eral morale than any num­ber of left-​​wing pun­dits could pos­si­bly man­age. We can be cer­tain that DADT has dam­aged recruit­ment fig­ures, yet the mil­i­tary seems to cling desparately to it.
On Tuesday, pace offered a watery non-​​apology.

I should have focused more on my sup­port of the pol­icy and less on my per­sonal moral views.

Or maybe you should have just kept your fuck­ing mouth shut.

We have a lying, prof­i­teer­ing anti-​​freedom Constitution-​​hating Vice President — and a mil­i­tary fig­ure­head whose entrenched Christofascist thug­gery makes him unfit to rec­og­nize what his own mil­i­tary needs.

And they dare call the “lib­er­als” the trai­tors to the United States and its soldiers.


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