Discover Boating” has an ad that just plain set me off. It’s full of images of dogs being cute on boats, with syrupy strings accompanying.

The self-​​involvement and arro­gance required to think this com­mer­cial is in any way appeal­ing is sim­ply stun­ning; the sug­ges­tion that dogs some­how deserve to go for boat rides is tran­scen­den­tally obnox­ious. There are thou­sands of starv­ing peo­ple in this nation right now, thou­sands of house­less or unem­ployed peo­ple, but hey, your fuck­ing bas­sett hound needs to spend a few hours on Lake Powell.

Meanwhile, the death count in Iraq and Afghanistan con­tin­ues to rise, Il Duce’s empire of lies is crum­bling, and Iran and North Korea are play­ing a game to be runner-​​up to Most Insane Nation sta­tus (I’m a cit­i­zen of the #1 title­holder for four years running).

Anyway, here’s a nice lit­tle remix I tossed off.


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