Over the years we’ve been treated to a lot of rea­sons why we’re not sup­posed to use ille­gal drugs, though most of those rea­sons are pretty damn silly. The most recent spate of cheesily-​​animated anti-​​pot ads are even try­ing to sug­gest that mar­i­juana is addic­tive. It’s not.

And of course Nancy Reagan, wife of use­less (and now dead*) pres­i­dent Ronald Reagan, coined the “Just Say No” phrase, which prob­a­bly stands as a high-​​water mark in the his­tory of cortex-​​free attempts at social engineering.

But I think I’ve finally hit upon the very best rea­son not to use hard drugs ever.

The strangest thing I’ve tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father,” [Stones gui­tarist Keith] Richards was quoted as say­ing by British music mag­a­zine NME.

I’ve never really felt tempted to use cocaine. Given the fore­go­ing, that lack of temp­ta­tion has become con­sid­er­ably more like ewwwww, fuck no.

Thanks, Keith.


* Thus, slightly more use­ful now.


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