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I find it strik­ing that right-​​wingers seem to define the entire world in terms of reli­gion; I’ve been accused more than once of mak­ing sci­ence my “reli­gion”. The notion is fool­ish in the extreme, of course; reli­gion relies on inerrancy, received Truth and unrea­son­ing appeal to authority.

Science is, of course, imper­fect; the his­tory of sci­ence is rife with exam­ples of arro­gance, will­ful stu­pid­ity and even out­right hoaxes. The dif­fer­ence, though, is that hoaxes in sci­ence are always quickly found out and debunked. The per­pe­tra­tors are ridiculed and lose all cred­i­bil­ity, and no one takes any of their claims seri­ously any longer.

Yet we still hear of reli­gious stat­ues weep­ing tears, or ooz­ing blood, or leak­ing milk — and even though these are shown to be cheap par­lor tricks, still the faith­ful line up to see the next occur­rence, seek­ing after a mir­a­cle to try to affirm some­thing that is ulti­mately nonsensical.

Think about it. If you really did cre­ate the entire uni­verse, wouldn’t you find a bet­ter medium to leave a sig­na­ture than a burn mark in a tor­tilla? I mean, come on — even Slartibartfast man­aged to put his face into an entire glac­ier.

Episode 2: The Unholy Trinity of Science!

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion


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