Thanks to Pharyngula I dis­cov­ered, a few weeks back, a per­fectly lovely toon site called Monkey Fluids.

Hey, what’s not to love about the name?

ANYway, MF is about tak­ing silly old­school draw­ings — osten­si­bly for chil­dren — and remix­ing them with post-​​modern, post-​​porno Net thoughts to … aug­ment the orig­i­nal pictures.

Now you have to love that.

But bet­ter still, the owner of the toon blog allows you to post ideas for cap­tions after his own stuff. So I’ve bor­rowed that, with links back to the orig­i­nal MF posts.

Because if mon­keys don’t share their flu­ids, what’s the point of evolution?

Click more to have your eyes lead you into damnation.


Original here. My caption:

And PUSH and THRUST and SUCK and LICK and now all together girls…

How do you SOLVE a prob­lem like MARIII-​​A? How do you CATCHCLOUD and trap it DOWN?

Oh my, Mother Superior! I’m rain­ing in My Place!



Original here. My caption:

Let’s see; it’s suck this, get the clap, have a kick … no, wait, I’ll get it right, don’t tell me … get the clap, kick in, and … oh, shit, fuck it — seal, stroke my balls while I fuck the cow and the roo can take pictures.

Springtime was never the same for Christopher Robin after Bummly Bumfuck took shel­ter in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Yeah, I got wood for y—


Spank it!

Original here. Mine:

Where’s Grant?” Adam asked again.

He’s gone on loca­tion,” Jamie said. “Along with Carrie and Tori. We’re gonna bust this spankin’ myth all on our own.”

Hope we have to revisit this in a reprise episode,” Adam whimpered.

You and me both,” Jamie said.

You took off your beret,” Adam shuddered.

That’s just the begin­ning. We have a whole day of high speed shoot­ing to do.”

Oh CHRIST,” Adam gasped. “Oh Christ…”


And my per­sonal favorite.


Starts here. Mine:

Harry? Harry? Are you behind me?


Once more, Ron was thwarted in his desire to be caught unawares by Harry’s seven-​​inch-​​long wand as he leaned out over the win­dowsill and looked for You-​​Know-​​What.

Hogwarts,” he sneered. “My broth­ers have lied to me about every­thing.”

Little did he know that Hermione had donned her mag­i­cal Double-​​Ended Snickerstaff, and was creep­ing stealth­ily up the stairs behind him even as he shud­dered in disappointment…

Bathe in the sickly slick that is Monkey Fluids. I’ll see you there … and buy your first drink.


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