The Chick mock­ery that began last week and was most recently done yes­ter­day con­cludes here, at least for now.

As a pro­fessed athe­ist I’m some­times con­fronted with a ques­tion that strikes me as being, on the face of it, silly: Why do you hate God?

I don’t hate God. I just don’t believe there is one.

I don’t hate uni­corns, or drag­ons or Shiva or the Easter Bunny or Allah; I sim­ply don’t believe they exist. My world doesn’t lack won­der, joy or hap­pi­ness, but when I feel those emo­tions I don’t also feel a need to attribute them to some kind of Higher Power. Denying some­thing exists does not equal hat­ing it; I can say with per­fect equa­na­mity that hydras are myth­i­cal beasts. The idea of hate doesn’t enter into the equa­tion, any more than I hate a con­cept such as the square root of a neg­a­tive num­ber. I can think about it, sure, but I know that such a thing sim­ply can­not be.

But to some­one who believes in a god, the dec­la­ra­tion that such an entity doesn’t exist is a direct threat to his point of view; when he hears me say I don’t believe what he does he inter­prets that as hatred of his ideas and projects that hatred onto the thing of which he’s so fond.

If you believe in a god, then, the denial of that god’s exis­tence feels a lot like hatred.

I don’t hate God, nor do I hate those who believe in God; what I hate is the blind pig igno­rance that some peo­ple suf­fer from when the idea of God is brought up.

The fact is that belief in God causes air­planes to fly into build­ings. The fact is that belief in God causes the mur­der of abor­tion doc­tors. The fact is that belief in God causes gay-​​bashing, enables slav­ery and allows choir­boys to be raped.

If this sounds ter­ri­ble, per­haps we should ask our­selves why we allow an insti­tu­tion to con­tinue com­mit­ting atroc­i­ties — not why we sound so hate­ful when we sit in judg­ment of it.

After all, which is obvi­ously worse: A few car­toons on the Internet, or a cadre of believ­ers incin­er­at­ing them­selves rather than bow to the will of a sec­u­lar government?

You have a brain. For God’s sake, USE IT!

Episode 4: “I sure am glad you stopped me from using the Internet to sin!”

BONUS! For hold­ing out to the end, here’s a gift for you: a PDF of the entire tract. Darwinism: The Devil’s Religion (600 KB)

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion

Darwinism: The Devil's Religion


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