What is it that sep­a­rates super­sti­tion from belief?

What makes the dif­fer­ence between myth and faith?

To me, it’s a ques­tion of dura­tion and quan­tity. The longer a super­sti­tion per­sists, the more akin to belief it becomes; the more peo­ple who believe in a myth, the closer to reli­gion or faith it is.

The biggest rea­son an Israelite accepts JHVH is pre­cisely iden­ti­cal to the biggest rea­son a Saudi accepts Allah or an Alabaman accepts Jesus. It’s not because of the innate cor­rect­ness of the super­sti­tions — it’s sim­ply an acci­dent of birth, in much the same way as one’s native lan­guage is.

You’d think this would be obvi­ous to any­one who really pays atten­tion, yet time after time we see that’s just not true.

Below the fold is a graph­i­cal exam­ple of what I mean.

Title page





Flat Earth 1

Flat Earth 2



True to form, here’s a PDF of the file in case you want to print it and pass it out or some­thing. Strange Beliefs (460 KB)


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