Al Sharpton to Don Imus shortly after his “nappy-​​headed ho’s” comment:

You could be fired and the nicest guy in the world, but you ought to be fired.

Al Sharpton on the sub­ject of Mitt Romney:

As for the one Mormon run­ning for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways.

You know I’m an athe­ist and an ex-​​Mormon. I can say with a fair degree of author­ity that not only is Al igno­rant on this mat­ter, but he’s clearly dis­play­ing as much big­oted insen­si­tiv­ity as Imus was. Mormons believe in the Phantom Sky-​​Daddy every bit as much as any other religiously-​​deluded clade — more so, even, than some.

The com­ment above is func­tion­ally iden­ti­cal to call­ing Arabs “rag­heads”, Indians “camel jock­eys” and Mexicans “wet­backs”. You’d think Sharpton, who has no doubt endured his share of anti-​​black big­otry, would be a lit­tle more sen­si­tive than some to that fact.

I won­der if Al will be shouted down from his own radio pro­gram now.


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