Kurt Vonnegut, in Cat’s Cradle, wrote of the world’s end.

It came through a bizarre mol­e­c­u­lar struc­ture, a “new” way for water to freeze at room tem­per­a­ture, melt­ing only at about 114 or so degrees Fahrenheit. A crys­tal of this Ice-​​Nine fell into the sea, fol­lowed by what he described as The Great Ah-​​Whoom, the sound made by all the waters on Earth freez­ing solid in one moment.

I don’t imag­ine a nuclear apoc­a­lypse would sound like that. I imag­ine it would sound a lot more like the accounts we heard from the sur­vivors of Hiroshima: Black rains falling on burned bod­ies, and the dying beg­ging for water.

It’s sim­ply incom­pre­hen­si­ble to a think­ing, feel­ing human being that any­one would want this kind of sor­row to fall on our world — yet apoc­a­lyp­tic Christian cults pray, every day, for such mad­ness. They believe that it will presage the reign of Jesus Christ on his scorched Earth.

Bush has iden­it­fied him­self promi­nently as being such a believer.

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