Well, the post­ing con­tin­ues. Here we’re first intro­duced to Cock, Fan, Rip, Tube and Blade, as well as the arguably shal­low lives they lead. Castor is largely a resort planet, and its cul­ture can be quite misog­y­nis­tic — so don’t think it’s just Blade who gets treated badly there.

Cock’s life is depress­ing, and so is Fan’s. Actually, all fan­ners lead fairly depress­ing lives, but not all of them are bright enough to real­ize it, and fewer still seem equipped to really do any­thing about it.

Picking up from where we left off, then, here’s “No Wake”, from The Seven-​​Year Mirror. ©2007 me, and all that.

==== The Seven-​​Year Mirror ====

No Wake

Cock cut back the jets, let­ting the hydro­foil set­tle into the water a lit­tle. He shifted his hips, shim­my­ing like the arro­gant prick of a danji that he was, and the arcs of sea come-​​hithered left and right behind his rock­ing cheeks. He looked over his shoul­der, grin flash­ing white like the spray.

Fan saw the chal­lenge and accel­er­ated, his own missile’s ducts open and tur­bines surg­ing, thrust­ing through the wake. The foil bucked and throbbed under him and he jolted over the waves Cock left, thighs aclench on the sad­dle, the vibra­tion of the motor as always caus­ing him to become a lit­tle hard. He ignored his dick as he let his fan stri­ate that of the other boy, pulling back the yoke and smirk­ing. Of them all he cut tail best and knew it.

Not bad!” Cock called to him.

That’s what your mother said,” Fan answered, then opened the ports, rock­et­ing ahead, the wide spray behind his foil leav­ing Cock sput­ter­ing, laugh­ing and swear­ing, gun­ning to catch up. Rainbows danced across the sea as Topaz’s light prismed through the mist. Sapphire was vis­i­ble only as a ring around its smaller yel­low com­pan­ion; it was the cool sea­son and over­head Pollux’s green­blue eye was irised by white cloud and slabs of glacier.

But the iris was look­ing bul­ge­ward through the cataracts of the tran­sit, so Cock didn’t feel the fear.

He drew even with Fan, then feinted over hard enough to spook him. Fan drew aside too quick, flick­ing the yoke, and the foil dug cor­ner­wise into the glass sea and tum­bled as Fan flew off to the side.

And in front of Cock’s foil.

He leaned back and punched it just as a crest passed under and Fan popeyed and ducked for his head, his life. The foil caught air and buck smooth smack churn down. Fan scowled after, his shoul­ders bob­bing, dash in the line of moil that Cock’s jump had left. Thing of beauty. Foamy line, break, foamy line, and in the break one boy who was…

Oh, fuck that,” Cock growled at Fan’s upended bared ass. He would, too.


They met up with Blade, Rip and Tube in a lit­tle while longer. Blade looked well flushed as always, as did the boys. But Cock was pretty winded him­self right then and Fan had a load of his spunk up his ass, so he wasn’t exactly in a place to yert at Blade for spread­ing wide. About all she was good for anyway.

They idled back the foils and as the motors bur­bled Cock leapt over to Blade’s machine and jammed his tongue most­way down her throat, grab­bing her ass with his left hand and a tit with his right. He opened one eye squin­t­wise at Rip and saw the boy’s cheeks flame as he turned aside.

Fuckin right he looked away.

Blade gasped as he broke the kiss but kept his hands right where he wanted them. “S’risin?”

You,” she smirked, grab­bing his ass-​​cheeks tight and grind­ing her crotch against his. She was soft and damp with two boys’ spunk, warm, and it stiff­ened him in his rid­ing briefs. He could feel her pelvis bones press­ing against his rod and there, in the mid­dle, that padded springy-​​hair spot he loved to sink his slap­per into.

Mmm,” he said. “Thrustin.”

Want me to suck it?”

Yeah, but not now. I filled Fan. Don’t got nothin to blow right yet.”

Blade looked dis­ap­pointed. “You didn’t save me none?”

You can lick it outta Fan’s ass­hole,” Cock scowled. “Or you can suck im dry, I don’t fuckin care, bitch.”

Hey,” Blade cooed, “hey, baby, easy, I didn’t mean nothin.”

Fuckin right, sluffer.”

You still my baby and you can fuck any­one you want.”

Fuck yeah.”

You got enough juice to fuck us all anytime.”

Twice,” he said.

She rubbed against him again. “It’s just you know how much I like it when you give it to me, baby. You the best. The best.”

His glare soft­ened. “I am.” He kissed her again. “I’ll give you a treat later.”

That’s my baby,” Blade whis­pered to him as he climbed back onto his own foil, not try­ing to hide his hardon at all, the way his tip pushed over the waist­line of his briefs. Let the dan­jis see it. They knew he was top anyway.

They all looked aside. His mood was crackly again and they knew, fuck yeah they knew, that any­one who smirked or even glanced at his dick was likely to find him­self flipped over and fucked before he got another lungful.

Blade wasn’t afraid to stare. She liked hav­ing him inside. Just like Fan.

He could see the shape of her pussy through the cloth that spread thin and tight over it. She smiled broadly and he pointed to her, then to his rise. You on that, later. She smiled wider and nod­ded and looked need­ful. The out­line of his dick showed through his own briefs and she licked her lips, all agaze. She wanted a mouth­ful but he still wasn’t quite ready. “Go take care of Fan,” he directed her. She moaned a lit­tle with unfeigned lust and eyed Fan hungrily.

You got one minute, boy,” he said to Fan. “Think you can man­age a spout that quick?”

Fuck yeah,” Fan mur­mured, flushed. When Cock had mounted him ear­lier he’d hard­ened but never came. He was full and ready.

Cock nod­ded mag­nan­i­mously as Fan pre­pared to col­lect his favor. A lit­tle con­so­la­tion prize for the cor­ing he’d endured. Rip and Tube kept quiet while Cock con­tin­ued to study them for any sign of challenge.

Fan grinned and whipped it out as Blade made her way over to him to crouch on the foil’s gun­nels. He was hard before she even reached for it. It took about ten bobs and then he was gasp­ing out his sauce as she lapped it all up greedy-​​tongued, then gulped wetly as she leaned back, bub­bles of cum pearly at one cor­ner of her mouth. Fan shud­dered and looked at her in that half-​​serious, half-​​doped way dan­jis had after they got sucked off, his mouth open and his chest’s heav­ings set­tling, and ran his fin­gers through her sand-​​blond hair. Her hand was still around his shaft and his balls hung down under­neath like a brown-​​hairy exten­sion to her palm. Cock inflated a lit­tle look­ing at that. Fan was a real brokedick some­times but he was hung with a fine slab of slap­per and his body was well cut, nice rip­ples over his belly and a chest that got sec­ond, third and tenth glances. Cock had always appre­ci­ated well-​​shaped dan­jis such as he.

He regarded Blade’s ass as she leaned back from her head-​​giving kneel. Round and full but not fat, and her briefs dis­tended where her thighs met. Cock liked that. Girls didn’t bulge out as much as boys did but he could still admire the archi­tec­ture as much as he did any male’s, and hers was bet­ter than most girls’. She was really fuck­ing stu­pid, but she was an incred­i­ble hump and shit, could she suck it good. And she wanted to do it all the time. That was really the only rea­son he kept her around, because she truly ate it wet as a fan­ner. Too dumb to do any­thing else, really, but then, so were they all, so what the shit.

He wasn’t the smartest of them, or maybe he was, but he was other things and so the rest fol­lowed him, even though his voice had only bro­ken last cool sea­son. He cranked out the spunk and that was really all that mat­tered to any of them. Boys who had no spunk stayed dry­side and did­dled the fish­tail. Man-​​boys like him and the rest were out and rid­ing every one and every chance they got. Men … there were no men like them.

And no edu­ca­tion. Fanning, fun and fuck­ing were pretty much all they knew and all they wanted to know. School was for fishes.

Cock hated it all so much he didn’t even really know how old he was sup­posed to be, and didn’t really know why he should give a pinch. He was half past fif­teen or maybe four­teen or some­fuck­teen Standard, but that didn’t mean shit on Castor where the days didn’t mea­sure the same length, let alone the fuck­sake years.

Or the min­utes, which were wast­ing. He blat­ted his turbs as a sig­nal to the other dan­jis. Fan tucked his spit-​​shiny equip­ment away hur­riedly and opened his ports, fol­lowed by Blade (still wip­ing her chin) and the other two, and they sliced the Castoran ocean open, five gashes mak­ing land­ward as the suns began to fall behind Pollux and the first half of the day came to a close.


The foils scuffed ashore and the boys and girl rested. Cock felt the thrum still in his thighs. Urbis T’oh-k’o’s pil­ings dark-​​wedge geome­tried the sky above and behind, clack­et­ing with the heel­strikes of the walk­ers hur­ry­ing over its ecmite planks. Asea was stip­pled, drops break­ing the sur­face of the waves, churn­ing glass with dar­k­noon storms. Cool sea­son and rain meant piss for skin­ning, but the dan­jis were full of kolla cheer and soon-​​to-​​come food and coming.

Cock was roast­ing. Stunfish over orange­black coals, near yel­low where they glowed most warmly. Nÿlo shafts were good for two things, one dry: this; the other wet: foul­ing pro­pellers, hence tur­bines. Cock had never cooked over wood. No native Castoran had.

The air was light and scented with cookysmoke, incense in the near-​​mist. Cock was as good a cook as Blade was a slit and every­one knew it, he most of all, and he was always in a gen­er­ous mood when he was doing them the favor of chef­ing for them.

Heard you got some fish­tail last night,” Tube said to the half-​​shaved boy beside him.

Wriggly slick fuck,” Fan smirked, run­ning his hand over the naked side of his skull, then ram­ming his hips into the air and cup­ping the rise of his organ. “She was tight, dan­jis.”

Couldn’t get any­one else?”

Fan eyed Rip.

I like ‘em,” Tube said.

Rip snorted. “You like any twat.” Shoved the boy a lit­tle. Tube made no denial. To Fan: “Sure she was a she?”

Fuck you.”

Fuck them,” Tube opined.

Yeah,” Rip said. “Fuck ’em till they gur­gle. Huh, Fan?”

Cock laughed, watch­ing the stun­fish siz­zle on the open fire. “Best slit on Castor.” And ten­sion leached.

Thought I was,” Blade mur­mured into the cup of his ear, and he felt his rid­ing briefs tighten at the flick­ety flick flick of her tonguetip on his lobe. She was horny and he was get­ting it for sure later and she wasn’t let­ting him for­get it. She liked it saucy sloppy spurty and by keep­ing him spiked she knew she’d get a dou­ble help­ing of his juice.

Like you know.” Rip was look­ing sullen.

Blade bris­tled. “Like you’d want to know. You n Tube —”

Get a piece, Rip.” Cock sec­tioned some of the meat.

The boy took it with a hiss. “Fuck. Too fuck­ing hot.” He flung his fin­gers in the air.

Heard that before.”

Shit.” Rip sucked his fin­gers. Cock watched. His pink tongue darted over them.

They ate.

The rain slacked, its sheets drawn aside to show lead flat swells. Cock stood, tin­gling at the prospects for fun later. “Phosphors!”


Let’s do it!”

Induct, dan­jis!”

They mounted the foils and cut fan again, spray glow­ing in the weird way it did in the dark. In a while they beached once more and Cock fucked Blade’s brains out, then slipped it to Rip while Fan and Tube shared in on spunk-​​drunk Blade.

He shouted when he came. Rip was jeal­ous and older and larger and stronger and would prob­a­bly be dan­ger­ous one day, but that danji really knew how to suck a boy off.


Fuck, not this, Cock thought. His mind was still shin­ing with the jel­ly­globe darts. He and Fan had caught a few when the sec­ond half of the day began with Topaz, still sphinc­tered by Sapphire, peek­ing back out from behind Pollux. They lay them across their fore­arms, then sucked each other while the darts’ spooge oozed into them, tak­ing a long time before they made each other come. His jaw felt numb and his dick was sore but still hard and he was just not ready for this.

Oh fuck, he was fucked and gone.

Where were you?”

His mother. In the light of jel­ly­globe he saw not just her. He saw her face, her face, skele­tal and like his might be in fuck-​​all long time, saw his gran and his gramp, and before that, the hot tail she must have been when she was young and tight, how his sire must have wanted to fuck her until her eyes rolled back, and he pushed it all aside.

Fucking jel­ly­globes.

Humping cetates. Got a problem?”

Shit. Why did she always look that way? Why did her fuck­ing face just fold the fuck in like that? “No, Medi, but I care.”

I told you to stop call­ing me that.”

You’re still my son —”

And you’re still a bitch.”

Her eyes flashed. “That makes you a son of a bitch. I will not call you that name. It is not the name I gave you. I know exactly what it means and it is ugly and rude. I will call you Medi’im or I will call you ass­hole. Those are your choices as long as you live in this house. Now shut up, asshole.”

He almost grinned. The cow had sparky moments still.

Sem Tokoshi spoke to me again today,” she went on. “You were out with your … your friends, weren’t you?”

He didn’t say any­thing. It was a stu­pid question.

He said you were — rid­ing too close to the wharves. Medi, you know you’re not sup­posed to…”

Have fun, I know,” Cock scowled.

She shook her head. “No, just … when you go so fast on the hydroplanes it —”

Foils. Hydro. Foils.”

— sprays the guests. They complain.”

Fuck ‘em.”

Ma took a deep breath and he could see the lec­ture gath­er­ing like slate storm on blue sea. “Medi, you can’t go through life with an atti­tude of —”

No, you can’t. You made a career of lick­ing boots. But this is my life and I’ll fuck­ing well live it how I want to. If that means some wrin­klies get a lit­tle drippy in a slashrun, too fuckin bad for them. They’re at an ocean resort, on an ocean fuck­all planet, for fuck­sake. They want it dry they can fuckin go to Caliente.”

Tokoshi-​​san told me that if he saw you doing it again I might not be able to keep work­ing in the resort,” she said quietly.

I don’t care,” Cock said, not want­ing his innards sim­mer­ing like they were.

We’d have to move, Medi’im, and you wouldn’t be able to see your friends any more. Wouldn’t that make you sad? Wouldn’t you miss that girl?”

Blade? She’s dumber than you. I don’t fuckin —”

I do, Medi’im. One income isn’t enough and you haven’t been called enough lately to —”

I am not talk­ing about that,” Cock snarled. “And quit fuckin call­ing me Medi’im.” He shoved by and thumped past her bor­ing, expected tears upstairs to his bed­room, surg­ing and lift­ing as it always, always the fuck did here on Castor, land as rare as a fourteen-year-old’s vir­gin twat. Urbis T’oh-k’o was for the tourists. He lived in the Barque dis­tricts along with all the other wage-​​slaves, the drug­gies and the whores and the ser­vice bod­ies of every type.

Muffled down­stairs he heard her cracked sobs.

I don’t care. Wanting it to be so.

Overhead Pollux precessed.

He hated it almost as intensely as he hated every­thing else and it stared through the sky­light, it glared bale­fully, it turned in the sky to look at him and was the most huge pissed off fuck­ing god ever and he was pinned to his bed by that glare and lay in mor­tal ter­ror, his heart ham­mer­ing and his piss flow­ing from his shrunken dick and turn­ing from hot to cool to chilly as that black iris, plated by rime of frost, pierced him.

God and Cock saw eye to eye.

dont kill me god please dont

At least this time he hadn’t shit him­self, locked in that soul-​​shredding lour.

God talked to him then. He heard the voice com­ing from the eye and it told him what it had told him before, I AM THATAM, and then it told him some­thing else, and by the time it was done he was weep­ing and found had shit him­self after all.


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