Apparently Mr. Obama has for­got­ten some­thing very impor­tant about the major­ity of vot­ers in the US right now.

US pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Barack Obama has said he would order mil­i­tary action against al-​​Qaeda in Pakistan with­out the con­sent of Pakistan’s government.

Hey. Barack. Diplomacy first, last and always. War is the last recourse of a failed nego­tia­tor. It is not the first option of any­one but socially-​​maladapted cowboys.

We have had more than a bel­ly­ful of war and killing, and we are get­ting tired of ass­hat politi­cians, who know they will never be per­son­ally risk­ing their lives, who seem so god­damned will­ing to put our boys and girls into harm’s way at a whim.

I’ve been keep­ing well away from the con­tenders’ races; I find all the cur­rent “can­di­dates” con­temptible. Not because they’re hor­ri­ble peo­ple, but because many of them are elected offi­cials now and seem to believe they should spend the next two years not doing the jobs they were hired to do so they can instead seek office elsewhere.

With the above dec­la­ra­tion, though, I’m afraid Obama has lost any chance of gain­ing my respect or support.


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