The most recent GWB-​​related news is that Bush 41 is now “pained” at how reviled his son is.

We’re reminded that Daddy is 83 del­i­cate years old; we’re sup­posed, I guess, to feel some kind of sym­pa­thy for the old man, and trans­late that into Good Feeling for his inbred retard of a moron son.

Well, let’s think about that for a minute.

Poor Daddy. Poor, poor Daddy. Gee, where was he when he should have been show­ing his son, at the age of ten or so, that toss­ing a ball around in the back­yard meant give and take?

Where was he when he should have been remind­ing his son, at four­teen years old or so, that man­hood did not nec­es­sar­ily mean find­ing the least pop­u­lar kid and try­ing to beat him up?

Why, exactly, was Duh-​​bya so mys­te­ri­ously absent from ser­vice in Viet Nam — and from the ANG duty he was sup­posed to have been pulling in its stead?

And how, please tell me how, is this touchy-​​feely bull­shit sup­posed to erase the last seven years?

Feel sorry for Bush 41?


I damn him.

And I damn his child, as well.

And I damn, espe­cially, the “news” “media” which has shame­lessly tried to spin a father’s mas­tur­ba­tory fear for his son’s fail­ures into polit­i­cal capital.

Bush wept; Jesus wept much harder, and for a bet­ter rea­son too.

Liberal media” my ass.


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